• Margiella Replica fragrance-Springtime in a park

    I love it because... 

    it smells like you’re sat on a park bench in the middle of a field of wild flowers, with a glass of Prosecco in hand.

  • ASOS design

    purple t-shirt

    I love it because... 

    it's comfy, oversized and the most gorgeous colour.

  • ren

    sleep mist

    I love it because... 

    it really helps to relax you before bed with its combo of frankincense and lavender.

  • Diptyque

    Feu de bois

    I love it because... 

    it has a smokey sexiness to it that fills a room.

  • Atelier


    lemon island

    I love it because... 

    it smells like you’re having a slice of lemon pie, In a library whilst sipping on a vanilla latte.

  • Jo Malone

    scarlet Poppy

    Cologne intense

    I love it because... 

    it reminds me of glorious summer days. It’s unusual because it’s floral yet musky. A stunning fragrance.

  • Rose Charcoal Perfume by The Fragrance Club

    I love it because... 

    it smells like no fragrance I’ve smelt before. A combination of Rose and peony with a creamy musk undertone. Stunning 

  • Bed of nails


    I love it because... 

    It has helped me sleep better and has helped with hip pain. It really is magic - see my blog  post for more info!

  • tweezerman


    I love it because... 

    They're best in the game if you ask me! At the moment the salons are closed so we have having to groom our own brows. These are the best! I’ve used them for years. Everyone should own a pair. 

  • Marie Reynolds

    Liver Rescue

    I love it because... 

    it helps with my energy levels and metabolism. As well as supporting liver function which is always important.

  • Neom

    Skin Intensive


    I love it because...
    Every time you burn it, it creates an oil that you can use as moisturiser after! So clever. It smells incredible as do all of Neom’s products. It makes your home smell like a spa.

  • No22



    I love it because...

    it smells like a vase full of fresh peonies and joy!




    I love it because...

    this is what I imagine Tom Hardy would smell like. The only description that is needed!


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