• Alice & Olivia X ASOS giant

    hair scrunchie

    I love it because...

    it’s basically an outfit in itself!

  • Living proof

    no frizz

    vanishing oil

    I love it because...

    it gets rid of any frizz. It leaves your hair shiny and sleek.

  • mantra


    I love it because...

    it helps to prevent breakage of the hair. It’s also great to massage the scalp.

  • Larry king

    social life

    for your hair

    I love it because...

    it grooms your hair into place without adding weight. It just makes your hair look better.

  • Aveda

    Cherry Almond Conditioner

    I love it because...
    It makes my hair super soft, it doesn’t effect my psoriasis, oh and it smells like a cherry Bakewell cake.

  • Rita Hazen

    Ultimate Shine


    I love it because...
    It’s one of those products I never knew I needed. I mean this woman is Beyonce’s hair colourist for God’s sake. If she says I need to use this product, after shampooing before conditioning, to keep my colour looking glossy, I’m gonna listen and so should you!

  • Innersense


    Dry Shampoo

    I love it because...
    It’s the weirdest dry shampoo I’ve ever used. Its a wet foam that dries immediately on application. It smells amazing and takes away any excess oil

  • Living Proof


    Hair Day

    I love it because...
    It’s incredible. It cleans your hair every time you spray it!! I’m a ‘1 was a week’ kinda girl, so this is my ultimate secret weapon. Honestly, this should be in every lazy girls hair routine.

  • Philip



    I love it because...
    This is a cult beauty product for a reason. It makes your hair look and feel incredible. Best used as a hair mask. Perfect for damaged hair, or for preventing damage.


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