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£51,718 for beauty backed

That’s right, that’s how much we raised for @beautybacked @hbcharityuk with the Mystery bags of joy. 567 bags, 1 mystery box with 3056 entries(!) 1 beautiful ring, 1 set of nails, 3 amazing friends, 1 incredible husband, 33 generous brands, 15 makeup artists making 104 bags of joy, 4 bottles of Prosecco, 1 bottle of Gin, 1 curry, 2 pizza’s and a house full of laughter and the occasional tear. We’ve done this together. The love you have shown for the beauty industry and to me is incredibly overwhelming. This money will help so many, SO many.


A trust passionate about supporting the beauty industry


I am so honoured to be a trustee of the Beauty Backed Trust.

Alongside Caroline Hirons, Alex Forbes, Dija Adoyele and Lesley Blair.

Beauty Backed lifts the industry up to be seen the way it should be seen. Our industry is important to our economy - vital in fact. It is built on hard graft, talent and passion. And so I am grateful to have the opportunity to give back as a Beauty Backed trustee and to be part of this force for good. It is not only needed, it is vital.

co-founder of the c-list

The first online beauty shop for cancer patients

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When me and my beautiful friend and cancer thriver, Helen Addis aka @thetittygritty discussed shopping for  beauty products during cancer treatment on an Instagram live during lockdown, it had an overwhelming response from fellow cancer patients who felt the same. From this, the C-List was created.  It’s the ultimate guide to beauty products you can use when you’re going through treatment for cancer and beyond. Recommended by trusted brands and cancer patients The C-List is your one-stop beauty shop covering everything from the essentials like deodorant to the feel good fake tan we’ve got it ‘C’overed. 

And we don't just stop at the list though guys. No siree. I will be showing how to actually use these products and how to get the most out of your skin. And Helen is equally passionate about supporting you through your cancer treatment and all the craziness it brings to your life. There will also be other cancer thriver journeys and expert blogs giving you support through cancer treatment from menopause advice to dental tips and everything in between.


Raising over £65,000 in 2020 for some of these amazing causes!

Fundraising and Beauty Backed Mystery Bags

Back in the summer of 2020 we put together 100s of beauty bundles worth over £100 and selling them for £50. Thanks to your generosity this was able to raise £52k for @beautybacked @hbcharityuk!

We did this together and the money will help so SO many.

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Stephen Lawrence Trust, 100 Black Men of London & NHS Charities

During lockdown, and alongside my husband Theo, we hosted a series of quizzes and held online fundraisers for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, 100 Black Men of London and NHS charities. Over £8k in total was split between these truly important charities.

Roast Pot recipe.png

Food Banks

An incredible 2504 of you bought my Epic roast potato recipe helping us reach a grand total of £4012! The funds were split across 4 different food bank charities; it costs £5 to feed someone on Christmas Day and so we were able to feed 804 people in need.

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Product donations

I am very lucky as part of my job to receive many products to test (you have probably seen my Lisa Takes Stuff Out of boxes videos!). Unsurprisingly I don’t need many of these. Each month I create product bundles with Dawn to be handed out to various different places that need it most at that time. These have included local refuges, hospitals and schools.

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