I love it because Amanda taught me the joy of Tantour. (Contouring with fake tan-yep, that’s a thing)!! Her products are a mix of makeup and skincare so they don’t dry the skin out like a lot of tans. Apply with her brush for best results.

Amanda Harrington Face mist

I love it because it’s a mineral rich face mask gives your skin an amazing glow. You can never go wrong with an Elemis product.

Elemis Peptide Thousand Flowers Mask 

I love it because this is the easiest tan in a bottle. Literally add 2-3 drops to your moisturiser at night and wake up with a healthy glow. Jules Von Hep who is the brands co-founder, is also one of the greatest human beings in the land.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning drops

I love it because it smells insane and makes your skin feel soooo soft. Great for dry skin and cellulite. If you use it in the bath it adds a gorgeous, spa like, milky water once washed off.

Laura Mercier Body and Bath Almond Scrub 

I love it because I love most things that Neom do. All their products smell incredible and this is no exception. It’s rich and luxurious, and hydrates the driest of skin.

Neom Real Luxury Body Butter 

I love it because I can’t even describe how incredible the smell is. There’s no point me even trying, you need to smell it for yourself. It’s extremely rich and luxurious and will hydrate the driest of skin. 

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream

I love it because I did a 50 mile swim relay in Lake Geneva and didn’t burn once because I was using this. It’s waterproof, easy to apply and non greasy. My absolute go to.

Ultra Sun SPF30 Sports Spray 

I love it because it’s a a Parisian treasure. A multi use emulsion that works wonders on sunburnt, red skin, as well as dehydrated skin and psoriasis. I use it a lot on models legs at fashion week.

Biafine Emulsion


I love it because firstly it smells incredible, just like a spa. Secondly the texture is so luxurious. It’s an oil balm meaning it removes all makeup, leaving your skin feeling beautiful. 

Elemis Pro Collagen Neroli Cleanser 

I love it because why has this not been created before?!! Its a spray on SPF by a skincare legend. It’s lightweight and has an SPF50. It has an amazing velvety finish. Make sure you spray it on before you get dressed as the remnants of the spray can add a white dust to your clothes. They just wipe off, but best to do before. 

Kate Somerville Uncomplikated 

I love it because it’s the boujeeist bubble bath on the market, but also, in my opinion, the best. It bubbles wonderfully, smells incredible and makes your skin feel so soft. It comes with a little wooden honey spatula which you use to put it in the bath. I always have a spare in the cupboard as I can’t bear to run out.

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla Honey Body and Bath 

I love it because it’s light weight, oil free and has a sheer tint release that gives you a healthy glow. 

Origins Vitazing  Energising Moisturiser 

I love it because it it literally melts your makeup away. It starts as an oil and then turns into a cleansing milk when you massage it into damp skin. It leaves your skim feeling clean, smooth and hydrated.

Trilogy Rose Hip Cleansing Oil

I love it because it’s an icon. It’s an in-flight essential for me. It is intensely moisturising so perfect for dehydrated skin. Its brilliant on any part of the body. It will forever be in my kit.

Weleda Skin Food 

I love it because Karl Lagerfield famously bathed in it, and he looked pretty damn good. It’s also an amazing cleanser and the formulation is a family secret.

Colossal eua de Lait


I love it because I never knew I needed it and now I can’t live without it.  This baby has 4 hylarounic acids In it, meaning its ridiculously hydrating. Apply it after cleanser and before moisturiser. It’s £16 and 150ml so you can afford to put it on the chest and hands too. It’s the No1 skincare brand in Japan for a reason.

Hado Labo Super Hydrator 

I love it because It helped my itchy skin during hay fever season. It very refreshing and hydrating. Keep it in the fridge to cool you down in summer.

La Roche Posey Toleraine Spray 

I love it because I’ve been using it for nearly 20 years. I got my first tube in Australia and have never looked back. It’s made of fermented fruit and its great for chapped lips, dry skin and burns. I even use it as a highlighter occasionally.  You’ll find it in most makeup artists kits. Do not be fooled by the imitators.

Lucas Paw Paw



I love it because it’s the best hydrating face mask I’ve ever used. It has 25ml of serum in it and gives you an incredible glow. Brilliant as a treat, or as part of your weekly routine.

Seoulister Super Hydrating Mask 


I love it because it makes you looked tanned even when you’re not! Ultra sun is one of my fave sunscreens. They just work really well. In summer I use this instead of a foundation as it evens out the skin, warm up the complexion and gives an SPF50.

Ultra sun SPF50 face tint 

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