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Here it is my first ever gift guide. This has been such a joy to put together. Mainly because I love nothing more than buying presents for the people I love. So here’s my edit. Enjoy and remember, one for them followed by one for you is just fine!

Happy gifting!


Disco Ball

SMALL BUSINESSES to shout about!

  • Pancho & Co

    Ran by 2 of our best mates, here you’ll find the best tie dye you’ve ever seen on beautiful, organic clothing. All hand dyed In Bry & Nicky’s back garden.

  • Oh Mumma

    The subscription box for Mums by Mums. You can buy these as a one off treat or as a subscription. They are full of beauty products to treat Mumma when she needs it most.

  • Lockdown Liquor

    Decanted Picantes? Yes please!! These guys bottle up ready mixed, delicious cocktails in reusable glass bottles. Check out their gift sets and Christmas crackers. Genius! 

  • The Collecterie

    A beautiful shop located on Teddington high street. The Collecterie now has an online page full of beautiful gifts.

  • Auction Direct

    Is this the greatest find of my lock down? Probably. AD deliver the best flowers I’ve ever seen. Straight from the grower meaning the prices are soooo much lower than most. At the moment they only deliver to London, Essex and Kent, but they’re working on it.

  • Hoop n loop

    Everyone I have bought a hoop n loop jumper for has cried. No joke. Who wouldn’t want their pets embroidered on their jumper?! Seriously this is one of the best gifts on the internet.

  • Anemone Interiors

    My goodness this site is a gem. Full of some of the best vintage home finds. Be quick, items sell out almost instantly.

  • Lars Label

    This is a beautiful site. It’s an edit of sustainable, ethically considered and independent fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, and I’m obsessed.

  • Pet Decs

    Probs one of the best gifts I’ve ever been sent! A mini Snoop and Diddy made out of felt!! Emma is one talented lady and she can make any pet, Llama’s and all.

Lisa Potter Dixon x Jayce Wong collab tw
Lisa Potter Dixon x Jayce Wong
Lisa Potter Dixon x Jayce wong collab .j

lpd x jw

I had to include my earring collection with my good friend Jayce Wong. After years of chatting about it, we finally collaborated and here’s the results. Everything is 14k solid gold. And all the stones are either diamonds, emeralds or opals. Prices starting at £100

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  • Klevering

    Leopard  Vase - £69

    This Klevering vase is a beauty. I mean who wouldn’t love this?! 

  • Hay

    Morrocan Vase - £65

    This beautiful bright vase would add joy to any home. I imagine it full of gorgeous eucalyptus and Anemone’s.

  • Gold Accent Mug - £24

    I have these in every colour and love them. They’re the perfect size for a proper cuppa. 

  • Anissa Kermiche Matte Tit For Tat Short Body

    Candlestick - £145 

    I lovvvveeee these candle stick holders. I would put a gorgeous bright candle in it and would let it melt down the body.

  • Bud Vase -£7

    I love these tiny vintage vases. I have them all over my home.

  • Anissa Kermiche

    Popotin Pot - £65

    I had to add another Anissa. I have this and use it for my makeup brushes. 

  • Hay Sip Straw -£25

    I love a reusable straw. These will brighten up your cocktails instantly. 

  • Anissa Kermiche Matte Tit For Tat Tall Body

    Candlestick - £145 

    Anissa is one of my favourite homeware designers. Her bum vases are iconic. I adore mine.

  • Eye of the Leopard Cushion - £95

    I can’t resist a cushion with animals on. Fact.

  • Waterfall Prosecco

    Glass - £14

    These fit in the perfect amount of fizz. A LOT! Ha 

Bath Salts


  • Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream Mini’s - £12

    This is one of my all time favourite body moisturisers. It smells so good you almost want to eat it! (Don’t). It’s also deliciously rich.

  • Aromatherapy Associates 10 Miniature Bath & Shower Oils - £40

    It was this set that introduced me to this brands years Ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It’s the perfect TLC set and I would say each mini is about 2 uses!

  • Laura Mercier

    Ambre Vanille Souffle

    Body creme - £53

    This is such a dreamy treat. It smells bloody gorgeous and is rich and hydrating. I always have a back up ready for when I run out.

  • Soap Smith

    Bath Soak -  £25

    This brands is one of my fave finds of the year. Handmade in London, the jar is gorgeous and the product leaves you skin feeling so soft. And, on top of that, it leaves your bathroom smelling beautiful. 

  • Aesop

    Hand Balm - £21

    I have these in my bathroom and downstairs loo. I bloody love Aesop as a brand. These balms really hydrate you hands which, after this year, have probs never been washed as much. And they also smell gorgeous.

  • Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil - £32

    A capful of this in your bath makes you feel like you’re lying in a field full of roses.

  • Zagrara Shower Gel - £24

    THIS! Just for the bottle (and the smell).

  • Large Natural Sea Wool Sponge -£19

    There’s nothing better than washing with one of these beauties.

  • Sisal Fibre

    Detox Brush - £7.50

    Just added this to my basket. I Love a detox brush and I love the handle on this one.


candles & accessories

  • Diptyque Baies

    Candle -£47

    Baies is an absolute classic. But if they love Christmas as much as me, then go for limited edition Christmas candle. OMG it smells divine.

  • Huh Twist

    Candles x 6 -£25

    I have these and love them 

  • Diptyque Sapin De Nuit Candle - £58

    No one Is going to mad at you for buying them a Diptyque candle. FACT.

  • Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir -£49

    This candle is an icon. It will leave your entire home smelling incredible. 

  • Anthropolgie Capri blue Volcano Jar Candle - £32

    I adore Anthropologie candles. Not only do they smell gorgeous, they also look beautiful.

  • Anthurium Overose Candle - £52

    This is such a cool candle, I mean, look at it! It’s on my list that’s for sure. 

  • Jo Loves Log Fire

    Candle - £55 

    Who doesn’t want their home to smell like a gorgeous smokey log fire?

  • Maison Margiela Replica Beach Vibes Candle - £45

    The Margiella fragrances are some of my favourites. And I LOVE that they do candles too. You really can’t go wrong with whichever you pick. But because we’re all missing holidays, this one could be the perfect pick me up.

  • Luma Candle in

    Navagio - £18

    This candle is one of my faves. It combines Rhubarb and rose which sounds kinda crazy but smells stunning.

  • No22 Edition 22

    Candle - £120

    Not just one of my fave candles because its made by my clever friend, Sophie, but I adore the large concrete pot it comes in. It smells incredible and fills the entire room. 

Pink Petals

fragrance gifts

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 - £215

    This is one of my favourite fragrances in the World ever. It’s the perfect floral, woody combination. I love mixing it with a leather based fragrance.

  • Tom Ford

    Rose Prick -  £228

    Tom ford fragrances are Devine. This smells like you’re walking through an English garden on a warm day.

  • Maison Margiela Replica Memory Box -£30

    Margiela fragrances are some of my all time favourites. I honestly love them all. They really evoke memories surrounding their names, such as Beach Walk and Lazy Sunday morning. This box of 10 mini’s is a great way to try the brand and work out your faves.

  • Ostens Cashmere

    Velvet - £105

    A small brand created by 2 fragrance legends. So far there are only 6 fragrances in the collection. My favourite is Cashmere velvet. It’s warm and woody. Gorgeous.

  • Atelier Cologne Love Osmanthus - £55

    This fragrance is so fresh. It reminds me of walking through the orange tree lined streets of Seville.

  • Experimental Perfume Club Rose Rhubarb - £98

    This fragrance is addictive. It’s sweet but sexy. I love mixing it with a leather fragrance. It’s delicious. 

  • Louboutin

    Fragrance -£225

    I mean sayyyy Whattttt! Louboutin have bought out fragrances and they are decadent to say the least. The bottles are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I mean hellooooo Crocodile lid! And they smell expensive, well they should, because they are! 

  • Jo Malone London

    Yuja - £104

    Get this whilst you can as it’s Limited edition. Its so amazing and one of my fave JM smells ever. It’s zesty and earthy. It’s bloody lovely.

  • Maison Crivelli Santal Volcanique - £170

    Described by the brand as scorched sandalwood on the slops of an erupting volcano. Honestly couldn’t describe it any better.

  • Byredo Gypsy

    Water - £115

    The signature fragrance of a lot of my friends. It smells like a perfect summers breeze.

  • Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb £52

    The icon that is. A floral, vanillary fragrance that spreads joy. 

  • Glossier You

    Fragrance -£45

    This is such a hard fragrance to describe. All I can tell you is that everyone that I know who has bought it, has never been disappointed. 

  • Malin and Goetz Leather Perfume Oil -£40

    This is the leather fragrance that I love to mix with pretty much any other scent. I’ve put the roller ball here as I find that’s all you need. Apply a small amount on your wrists and neck alongside your other fragrance, and let it work its magic.



  • NARS Mini Orgasm

    Lip & Highlighter

    Duo Bauble - £20

    This is the cutest beauty bauble. These balms are some of my faves-super hydrating with a hint of colour. And the highlighter gives you the kinda glow everyone needs in the festive season.

  • This Works

    Dream Team - £10

    A great stocking filler for anyone that’s feeling a bit exhausted after this crazy year. This is one of my favourite sleep sprays.

  • Space Masks,

    Pack of 5 -£15

    These are brilliant. They are eye masks that heat up as you wear them! They are so comforting and lovely. You get 5 in a pack.

  • Guerlain Rouge G Emerald Mirror Lipstick Case - £20

    I adore these. The boujeist lipstick case in the land. The emerald green is my favourite. Make sure you grab a refillable Guerlain lipstick to fit into it.

  • Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo Set £17.60

    No gift guide would be complete without my favourite dry shampoo in the land. This Baby actually cleans your hair and it smells amazing. This kit includes the full size and the travel size.

  • Fenty

    Gloss Bomb - £17

    The best high shine lipgloss that did ever exist. I can’t even explain why it’s so good. But trust me, it is.

  • Seoulista Beauty Christmas Pack, 

    Let It Glow -£19.60

    The perfect pamper pack. A face mask for your face, one for your hands, and one for your feet! A well deserved gift for someone who needs a rest.

  • Isle of Paradise

    Mistle Glow - £10

    This is a great way to give yourself a subtle tan. Spritz it over you face at night and wake up with a glow.

  • Face Halo Original,

    Pack of 3 £18

    These are basically sustainable makeup removers. Just wet them and use to cleanse. They can be washed up to 200 times each! No need for cotton wool or Baby wipes. David Attenborough would be proud. 

  • Patchology Merry and Bright Glitter

    Eye Gels - £18

    These cooling and depuffing eye gels not only work wonders, but they’re also glittery!! So you can feel glam whilst chilling you’re under eyes.



  • MAC Powder Kiss

    Lipstick Trio - £52.50

    I love these lipsticks. They give a velvet matte finish and this combo is the perfect wardrobe of nude shades.

  • NARS Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Pallete - £56

    This palette is sooooo beautiful! It will add a pop of magic to any eye. No matter the skin tone or the eye colour.

  • Glossier Skincare

    Edit - £42

    This Glossier kit is brilliant value. If you love dewy skin, this is a gorgeous collection.

  • Space NK

    Best of Beauty Box - £99

    This set has an incredible saving of £121 MEGA!! The products inside are the Space NK teams ultimate heroes.

  • Iconic London

    Glam Up & Glow Set -£24

    I could not be without the prep, set and glow spray. It hydrates the skin whilst setting your make up and giving a soft focus glow. The eyeshadow palette is a beauty bonus.

  • Armani Beauty Lip Maestro Pouch Set -£41.60

    Some of the best lip products in the game. These full pigment, long wear glosses are amazing. The shades you get in this kit are perfect. And can we talk about the red pouch?? I meannnn

  • Victoria Beckham Beauty Luxe Lids Set - £44

    2 of my favourite products for the eyes. The lid lustre’s give you a gorgeous wash of shimmer. Midnight is my fave, And the Satin Kajal is the best black liner on the market in my opinion. 

  • Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzer - £42

    Who wouldn’t want a Chanel box under the tree?! This newly formulated cream bronzer is an icon. And the number 1 best selling bronzer in the UK for a reason.

  • The Ultimate Aurelia Experience - £100

    If you’re skin needs a reset, this kit is epic! Aurelia are one of my favourite skincare brands. They are a natural skincare brand featuring powerful probiotic technology. A gorgeous gift!

  • YSL Couture Must-Haves Makeup Gift Set - £58

    This is a stunning set for the festive season. Who doesn’t want incredible lashes and a red lip at Christmas? I also LOVE the bag and box it comes with.

  • Urban Decay Stoned Collection Vault -  £187

    THIS IS EPIC!!! One of my pallets of the year but with the added extra of the liners, lip glosses and highlighter. This is the perfect set for anyone who loves a touch of sparkle. 

  • Dior Christmas Look Rouge Coffret - £124

    Ok, this is dreamy. This limited edition Dior lipstick bag is amazing. The bag can be used as a clutch. And the lipsticks can all be fitted into the refillable case supplied. It’s lipstick joy.

  • Charlotte Tilbury A Pop of Pillow Talk Magic - £58

    Love this set. These pressed glitter pigments are some of my faves. These can transform a look when pressed into the centre of the lid, or over the top of eyeshadow. The lip gloss is also lovely. 

  • Marc Jacobs

    At Lash’d Mascara - £25

    My favourite mascara of the year. FACT.

  • Stila All Fired Up Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set - £29

    These are gorgeous. They will bring a touch of metallic sparkle to any look and are super easy to use.