I adore to travel. By that, I mean love going on holiday! Ha! Seriously though, I'm very lucky to have travelled a good amount of our wonderful world. There's a lot more I want to see, A LOT. 

So below I'll share with you my favourite places, and over time, I'll write a blog post for each, detailing all my adventures, the best places to stay, eat and visit. 



Oz is in my top 3 favourite places in the Universe. It's so incredibly beautiful, the food culture is exceptional as is the Aussie lifestyle. I've been lucky enough to visit 4 times.  Read all about my latest East and west cost adventure here


What can I say about this glorious island?! It truly has a place in my heart. In my opinion, it's a magical. I have to visit at least twice a year. It's good for the soul. I'm not a 'party till 5am' kinda Ibiza traveller. I'm a 'beach party, soulful house, swimming in the sea at sunset' kinda girl. Blog post on all mine and my friends favourite spots, coming soon. 


Croatia has a special place in my heart. Theo proposed to me, in front of 20 of our closest friends, In Dubrovnik back in 2011. 

Since then , we've visited 3 times, and each time its been amazing. The sea is some of the clearest in the World due to the lack of sandy beaches. The people are just gorgeous and food is delicious. I've road tripped from the South of the Island to the North. And I've been lucky enough to visit the infamous Hvar.

More to come on my Croatia gems soon. 


The saying is true. I did leave my heart in San Francisco, multiple times. I bloody love this city, and I had the pleasure of visiting at least once a year when I worked for Benefit Cosmetics, as that is where they were founded. 

Even though it's got all the elements of a city, there's also so many chic neighbourhoods to explore. As well as Napa and my fave, Sausalito. The sunsets are extraordinary (this pic has no filter), and there's incredible restaurants on every corner. More to come on SF soon.


St. Lucia. An island full of wonderful human beings and excellent rum. This was definitely one of mine and Theo's favourite destinations. Incredibly beautiful, although incredibly expensive. I'll be saving all our money making tips soon.


The big apple. One of our all time favourite places to explore. And probably my number 2 favourite City in the World after London. The energy of NYC is contagious. There's always something going on. It really is the city that never sleeps.  My favourite haunts coming soon.


I visited Iceland for the first time this year on a press trip and was absolutely blown away. I was actually only there for 2.5 days, but it was a jam packed 2.5 days. Can't wait to share the adventure with you. Coming soon.

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