I've always loved fashion. I love the thrill of finding something that makes my heart skip a beat. Particularly when it's a bargain. They don't call me #DelboyPotter for nothing! And I particularly love shopping vintage. Having items that have a story, that someone else has loved before me, and that makes you feel wonderful.


I also have a lot of stories of, my own, particularly relating to my shoes. so look at for my favourite #ishoesyou stories over on the blog.

I also adore colour and of course, sequins! The greatest invention in the history of fashion if you ask me!

Below I'll be showing you my favourite outfits, sharing where they are from and explaining how I piece things together.

I'll be going into more detail about my favourite shops around the World, how to be confident in colour, and many more fashion related posts. 


fashion sewuins.JPG

I love a sequin. I’ll chuck them on anywhere, anytime. This was one of those moments. Mid Lockdown 2.0 I I was having g a bit of a shit day, so I put on this outfit and danced to my favourite song. It was fair to say that I felt bloody brilliant 10 minutes later. Never underestimate a good sequin.

Vintage YSL shirt

16 Arlington skirt

Jimmy Choo boots 

fashion-dry robe.JPEG

I’ve put this here because every time I wear it, I get asked about it. This is my dry robe. It’s basically a swim coat. Obv you don’t swim IN it (please don’t try that)!! You wear it afterwards and, not only does it keep you warm, it also acts as a mini changing room. Yep, that’s right, it’s wide enough to strip off your swimsuit in!


A brilliant investment for any keen swimmer.


This Manoush jumper was a TKMAXX Treasure hunt find. Every week, I go to a different TKMAXX and search their Gold label section. This is full of designer gems for a fraction of the original price. From YLS, to Gucci, if you search, you can find the most incredible pieces. More to come on that soon. This jumper was reduced from £420 to £58!! I love the burnt orange colour, the multi directional knit, the zip detail and of course, the gorgeous floral ribbon weaving. It's cosy and beautiful.


I mean Hellllooooo! These are knee high, glittery Jimmy Choo boots, for Gods sake. Easy to get on, almost impossible to get off. But I'm more than happy to sleep in them TBH!! Here I've paired them with a vintage 80's rara skirt. I think I got this in LA about 15 years ago for a couple of bucks. And my beloved Rod Stewart T shirt from the time we saw him in Vegas. And oh,believe me, there's whole story behind that!!

Never be afraid to pair dressy stuff with a good T. It can really make the outfit. Note the pink lip to match the skirt. I love pulling a look together with a matching lipstick or eye colour. 


You can't beat a good dungaree. You can pair them with anything and everything. A white T-shirt, sequins, or even a feathered jacket. This polka dot feathered number is one of my faves. It's a Matthew Willamson runway piece. I worked with Matthew for many years, doing the makeup for his campaigns, and leading his London Fashion week shows. So I'm very lucky to have a incredible edit of his pieces.

The dungaree's are from Levis. They were $29 in an outlet in LA. The American outlets are always worth a visit. The shoes in the pic are Christopher Kane. Who wouldn't want a shoe embellished with diamantee's?! So the moral of this story is, if in doubt, chuck on A pair of dungaree's. 


I've been collecting ballgowns for about the past 20 years. There's just something about them. Hours of craftsmanship went into making them. There is just so much beauty in a good ballgown. Sometimes I put one on to hoover in, because why not?! 

My obsession with the Oscar's def has something to do with it too!

Most of my dresses are from the 80's. But this one was a TMAXX find. It's Valentino and it was £120! Can you believe it?!?! It has A rainbow coloured hem for gods sake! Here I've paired it with a vintage blazer I bought in LA. It's embroidered with the most incredible Royal crest. More to come on my ballgown collection and my favourite vintage shops in the World.    


When I saw this gold YSL playsuit, I knew I had to have it. And, unbelievably, it was another TKMAXX find! These posts are not sponsored by them btw, should be-ha!! 

I've got my wear out of this baby. This is in LA at our friends wedding. But I've also worn it in the colder climates of the UK, paired with a roll neck and cowboy boots. So don't just think your 'special' items have to be saved for special occasions. If they make you feel great, wear them. 


Sequins are my everything. I have so many sequins I could make a sequin town! I'm attracted to anything sparkly, always have been. My Nan and Grandad always encouraged me wonderfully, regularly buying me sequinned items from the local charity shops. I still have and adore every piece. Never be afraid to shimmer and shine. 

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