I’ve always loved writing. English was always my best subject at school and I went onto study it at Uni.


Although, I’m not going to lie, those years of my life we’re mainly spent playing hockey and strawpedoing WKD blue!


Amongst the fun, I did manage to write and direct two plays at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, which was a pretty epic experience.


So when a publisher contacted me in 2014, after realising it wasn’t a joke, I jumped at the chance to write a book. And I really can’t comprehend, that 5 years later I’m the author of three best selling books. 


The first one, ‘Easy on the Eyes’, was hardest. We’d just lost Dad, in fact, the last conversation I ever had with him was to tell him that I’d signed a book deal. I’ll never forget the joy and pride in his voice. ‘My top girl’. He died, unexpectedly, 2 days later. I knew I had to focus on the book, which I did. I was working a full Time job with Benefit, and then writing in the evenings and shooting at the weekends. I wanted the book to be a makeup guide for real women. It focuses on eye makeup as that is one of the biggest beauty dilemmas out there. I wanted to take the challenge out of it. I dedicated the book to Dad.


Book 2 was the Makeup manual. As Easy on the eyes did so well, I was lucky enough to be asked to write a second. Instagram was in full swing at this point, so I wanted the book to be completely un retouched. Something that hadn’t been done before.  I used a mixture of real women and models and made sure that all the tutorials were easy to follow. From the skin, to the brows, to the eyes and the lips, I wanted the Makeup manual to be super comprehensive and relatable. 

bcb book.JPG


Then onto my most recent launch, and perhaps my favourite of the three. Mainly because I share the experience with one of my best mates, Sophie Beresiner.


#Backchatbeauty started as 2 friends, chatting about beauty over the split screen function on Instagram. Our opinions always differ. Soph’s an award winning journalist who looks at thing from the every day womans POV, and I’m a makeup artist who know’s all the tricks. So the combination was perfect.


We were approached by a different publisher to the one I had written my first 2 books with, and they let us take full control of all creative. This allowed us to create a beautiful, funny and very informative guide. The no BS guide to beauty written by real women, for real women.

So yes, I love writing. And there is still no bigger buzz than seeing one of my books in a bookshop, or getting a DM from someone telling me how much they love it and that it has helped them with their makeup application. Will there be more books? Who knows. No plans right now. But never say never hey!