Make Up Artist Lisa Potter-Dixon and The Other Half (as Theo likes to refer to himself) have transformed Lisa’s 5 Faves of the Week into a Podcast. However, bar Theo’s novice product review that ends every weekly show, this is definitely not about make-up. Not knowing what the other has chosen they will be sharing their best moments from the week whether this is from their relationship, a chore finally completed or just something off the TV!

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Episode 27

Britain has finally began to heat up and Lisa and Theo are celebrating! Faves this week included a BBQ, summer tiktoks, a hair turban, an inspiring idea based on libraries as well as a big summer plan from Theo that includes lots of noise, boys and sport that Lisa is not too sure about!

Episode 26

As Britain continues to ease more of the pandemic restrictions Theo and Lisa are back with another set of faves including hugging and seeing friends indoors, their new favourite series, funny facebook videos as well as a call from the podcasts number one fan! Theo's makeup review includes a new sustainable product from high-street fashion brand

Episode 25

t's Episode 25 and Lisa and Theo have another set of favourites this week, including 3 hour long youtube rabbit holes, classic reality TV shows, new home plans, a very cute TikTok and more! Alongside Theo's in-depth beauty and packaging review!

Episode 24

Theo and Lisa are back with another hilarious episode of Five Favs of the week. This weeks favourites including some quirky musical interviews, successful instagram reels, recovered old footage of Theo's parents and classic Theo face tint product review!

Episode 23

This week on 5 faves, Theo's faves include real time Reunions, a dangerous drinking game and funny videos. Whilst Lisa's includes big events this week such as getting her hair done and the Oscars. As well as a hilarious fragrance review from Theo!

Episode 22

Theo and Lisa are back with some amazing stories and favourites in the week that British lockdown was eased and pubs have opened! With some combined faves, this week includes, new nails, haircuts and of course the pub! Plus Theo is very impressed with an easily transportable lip gloss.

Episode 21

It's episode 21 and as England begins to ease national lockdown Lisa and Theo pay homage to some lockdown favourites including tie-dye, music as well as a back garden rollercoaster, chocolate and Theo does a very classic messy makeup review!

Episode 20

Lisa and Theo are back! This weeks their favourites include a bonding moment with their dog, instagram accounts to follow, Theo's brand new podcast idea and going solo as well as remembering Lisa's incredible nan who passed recently.

Episode 19

Lisa and Theo are back with their 5 favourites, this week includes some hilariously punny shop names and great instagram content and a perfume review. Lisa also discusses an empowering and positive movement following the tragic case of Sarah Everard and bravely shares her story.

Episode 18

This week Theo and Lisa are in hopeful spirits as the UK have revealed a roadmap for releasing lockdown restrictions! Other faves include Theo's lockdown locks, recognisable faces on TV, Instagram DJ sets and as usual Theo's product review this week includes a tanning product!

Episode 17

Theo and Lisa are back for Episode 17, their favourites this week includes Lisa living out a Spice Girls childhood dream, a lovable TV show and their fave food in a week that included valentines day and Pancake day! Not forgetting Theo being pleasantly surprised by this weeks makeup review!

Episode 16

This week's favourites from Lisa and Theo include some chaotic zoom calls that have gone viral, their recent 3 hour weekend walks around Bushy park, an absurd amount of deliveries to their house and more! Including Theo's weekly makeup product review!

Episode 15

Theo and Lisa are back with more Favourites during lockdown! This week includes Theo learning some classic NSYNC choreo, a new online zoom activity for family and friends as well as Lisa sharing and discussing her new incredible passion Project "The C-List".

Episode 14

This week Lisa and Theo's favourites include a recent Snow day in London that cheered everyone up, Theo's handy DIY skills at home, music and a great website to help you escape from the same old window during Lockdown 3!

Episode 13

Lisa and Theo are back for Episode 13 of Five Faves of the Week! This week their favourites include some serious throwback bangers, sparkly outfits and their favourite TV shows they've been watching during national lockdown. As well as Theo's dissatisfaction with a makeup product this week!

Episode 12

Theo and Lisa are kicking off the new year discussing everything they loved over Christmas! Including old footage of Theo's parents, all the Christmas food and Theo gives an exclusive description of his famous Christmas sandwich the 'Moist Maker'.

Episode 11

5 days til CHRISTMAS! Our favs today include outdoor furniture covers, Theo's brother, Liam, Piers Morgan and the pigeon lady from Home Alone, what Tesco and Sainsbury's staff really wish they could tell customers and Christian Louboutin lip colour.

Episode 10

On today's episode Theo is chuffed with the fact you have to have a substantial meal with your drink. Plus, we chat about Lisa's roast potatoes, the cancellation of the bad sex in fiction awards, Elf's Gingerbread house and Osten's Discovery Collection!

Episode 9

On today's episode Lisa is verrry hungover so we start by getting excited about a cold full fat coke - we also chat movies, Burberry coats, old photos and urban decay palettes!

Episode 8

From cold water swimming to corgi butt bottle openers, it's all here in the latest episode of 5 faves of the week!

Episode 7

This week Lisa and Theo are back with their faves! This episode includes some hilarious TV show moments, Theo's personal connection with Sir Mo Farah and a very messy makeup review! As well as introducing their new segment 'fiver of the week' where they present their game changing fav for under £5!

Episode 6

This week Lisa and Theo's favs include Lisa's new favourite gluten-free find, a twerking delivery driver, turning their bedroom into a raving nightclub and their unexpected relationship with Craig David and of course not forgetting Theo's renowned makeup review! All on this weeks episode of 5 favs of the week.

Episode 5

Welcome to Lockdown 2.0 and for Lisa, Christmas is already here and one of her favs. Theo is not able to play football IRL so he's bigging up Fifa. We've also got some emotional beauty industry stories & Theo's beauty product review!

Episode 4

Welcome to another edition of Five Faves! This week Theo and Lisa are discussing a KFC special, a wooly jumper, the Apple Genius Bar, good news and another cosmetic item!

Episode 3

On this week's episode of Five Faves of the Week Lisa and Theo discuss their favourite TV shows, a new career highlight for Lisa and there are some hilarious original homeware puns!

Episode 2

Lisa and Theo discuss everything from David Attenborough cardboard cutouts and Theo's modelling days to a very sexually suspicious looking Mascara on this weeks Episode of Five Faves.

Episode 1

From Lisa's favourite prolific sperm donor to Theo's new height, it's episode 1 of Five Faves of the Week!

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