My Apple Watch review

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I first bought an Apple Watch way back in 2015 when it launched. Personally, I love Apple. I’ve always used their products and, in my opinion, they’re all bloody brilliant. Getting the watch was kind of a no brainer for me.

Fast forward six years later and the watch has developed a lot. Firstly, I have to say that if you have an Android I’m not sure that this is for you. Mainly because it works best when paired up directly to your iPhone. It’s not meant to replace your phone but it does a lot of mega things which make life a little easier.

Here’s what I love about it:

The basics.

It looks good. I mean it’s no Rolex but it’s not supposed to be. It’s a good looking, everyday watch. The straps can be changed so you can match it to your outfit. That said, I tend to keep my rainbow strap on as it matches everything and anything.

You can set the home screen design. I love this function. There are countless options. Some people might want a classic clock face whereas others (ie. me), may want a butterfly that changes colour every time you check the time-it’s the small things.

You can look at your messages. This is so ideal as it means you don’t need to look at your phone all the time. Great when you’re on the go or in a meeting etc. You can even respond via the watch using voice activation, which is actually amazing! It always types everything correctly. Just remember to say ‘X’ instead of ‘kiss’ at the end, a mistake I once made to my accountant who wouldn’t usually get an X let alone a kiss!!

You can actually call and receive calls via the watch. Honestly, this was such a novelty when I first got it. I’d call people for absolutely no reason just so I could look like some sort of spy. A spy in sequins. If anyone here works for the James Bond enterprise this should def be a thing in the next movie.

It’s a remote control. No, really!

I can change the song playing and turn the volume up and down on it. As I’m writing this all down I’m actually going ‘wow’ to myself as these features literally blow my mind. The closest I’ve ever got to this type of watch before 2015, was my mate Julio’s calculator watch that could also change the channel on the TV. Anyone remember those?!

Back to the music, this is linked to Spotify. You just download the app onto the watch, which is all done via the watch app on the phone, and that’s it. Whatever you’re playing Spotify or Apple Music through can then be adjusted via your watch! You may have seen me do this during one of my lives on Instagram when I’ve gotten bored of Usher and then skipped through to Mariah.

It can even take a pic on your iPhone for you. Great for full length pics and for when Theo just can’t get the angle right! Ha!

Although all of the above is mega, I initially bought the watch for exercise. I’m just going to talk about the features on the Series 6 as that’s what I have. Although you can still buy some of the previous generations.

It’s waterproof. I love swimming so this is ideal. It has A GPS tracker in it meaning it can show you your route and distance. The route bit was so useful when I was training to swim Geneva as it showed if I was swimming straight (I wasn’t) and I then managed to adjust my technique which, in turn, made me faster.

There are also a ton of other exercise options - from running to cycling, weight training to HIIT, there’s even dance and walking. Throughout your exercise, your heart rate is tracked. This is super important to me. My Dad died from a heart condition and even though I don’t have it, I like to know when I’ve reached my max BPM. This also shows me how hard I’m working. On top of this it tracks minutes, distance, elevation is relevant and calories. I couldn’t give a shit about how many calories I’ve burnt, but I always find it interesting to see. For some this could be a vital stat for a healthy lifestyle. I’m also really competitive with myself so I like to close the exercise rings at least five days a week.

It comes as no surprise that Apple have just launched Apple fitness. An app that has hundreds of exercise classes on it that you can do from the comfort of your home. Obvs all your stats automatically link to your watch too.

And that’s the thing. I truly believe the watch helps me maintain a better lifestyle. That might sound crazy but I set up a certain number of minutes I want to exercise a day based on my ability. My watch tells me where I’m at. It literally sends encouraging messages through the day if I’m smashing my target, or reminders if I’m not on track. On top of that it tells me to stand up every 30 minutes. You feel a tap on your wrist and that’s your reminder. This has been brilliant through lockdown as it’s so easy to sit at a desk all day. The watch keeps you moving.

A few times a day it even tells you to take a minute to breathe. It then activates a minute of slow breathing technique that you can follow or not. A great way to add a small about of mindfulness into your day.

A new feature that I really like is the ‘Time to walk’ chats. These are with different celebs, the Dolly Parton one is amazing. They’re 30 minute stories that you are encouraged to listen to on your walk. They work with wireless headphones. You just put them in and press play on your watch.

One of the features that blows my mind is the ECG and blood oxygen level trackers. You have those two features on your wrist!!! This is incredible for overall wellness. It even alerts you if your heart is beating too fast or too slow. This is great for someone like Theo who occasionally suffers from seizures. I mean it can even detect if you’ve had a call and give you the option to call 999. It really is incredible.


This next feature has been revolutionary to me over the past 12 months. I’m sure you can just do it on your phone too. I basally set all my Apple products to ‘Do not disturb’ from 9.30pm-7.30am. This means that most days (obvs there’s the odd occasion where its 2am, I’m tipsy, in the bath and find Theo singing Nsync songs to me an excellent reason to Insta story. But most days, my phone gets plugged in to charge in the beauty room at 9.30pm and no-one can contact me. Then my watch delicately taps my wrist at 7.30am to wake me up. Thanks to this and my Bed of nails (15% off with code Bon15Lisa), which I lie on religiously for 20 minutes each night I’m sleeping better than I ever have. If you prefer not to wear your watch, you don’t have to. You can still use the feature.


One of the best things about the series 6 watch is that it can go from zero to 100% charge in under an hour. This has made a huge difference. No matter how much I exercise etc in the day, the watch now never runs out. The older versions used to. And just before bed, I put it on charge so that it lasts overnight.

OMG I’ve just discovered a new feature this very second!! Does anyone lose their phone about five times a day?! I’m constantly asking Theo to call it so I can track it down. However, I’ve just found out that you can swipe up on the watch, press the image of the phone and it will make a pinging noise until you find it!!!!!! Yesssss!

There are probably a load of things I haven’t yet discovered, even after all these years.

But above are the things I use the most and am most impressed by.

I can’t even imagine what will be added to the agenda in 10 years’ time. But for now, I have to say, my Apple Watch is one of my favourite and one of the most used things I own.

I have the 40mm size and if you're going to make a purchase I would recommend the 40mm size for a woman or someone with smaller wrists. Buy it here

If like me you love colour, I can absolutely recommend the Rainbow band: Buy it here

Let me know if you're an apple watch lover and what are your fave features?

Love & Lipstick,

Lisa xx

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