Well this is bloody delicious and super simple to make. I've been making Frittata's for years. Mainly during the summer months as they are perfect for picnics. However, since I started a strict diet to try and help my endometriosis (more to come on that), I've started making them again. So here's the recipe for the one pictured above. It's dairy free and veggie, adaptions below if you want to add cheese and meat.

Firstly, ingredients. This is a great one for using up the veg In the fridge. They only thing I went out to buy was the eggs. I used...

. Sweet potato x 2

. Onion x 1

. Mushrooms x 5

. Red pepper x 1

. Mange Tout x 2 handfuls

. Eggs x 12

. Soya milk x 200ml

. Extra virgin olive oil

. Salt & Pepper

Other ingredients that work brilliantly. FYI I haven't added any of these this time

. Chorizo

. Goats Cheese

. Feta

. Any veg in the land

. Chopped new potatoes instead of sweet

Start by chopping up all your veg. The sweet potato should be sliced so that it cooks quicker.

Next fry your sweet potato in a large frying pan. The whole frittata will be made in this so don't use a small pan. If that's all you have, cut the ingredients by a third.

I always use an organic extra virgin olive oil as its healthier and adds more flavour.

Once the potatoes are part fried, add the rest of the veg. Cook on a medium heat until all the veg is part cooked. You may need to add a little more oil. You want them to be crispy not soggy.

Whilst the veg is cooking, crack the eggs into a bowl, add the soya milk and your salt and pepper. Mix together with a fork.

Pour the wet mix into the same frying pan as the cooked veg. Leave on a medium heat for 5 minutes. You should start to see the edges hardening slightly, like you would on an omelette

Finally, put the entire frying pan in the oven. Yep, the whole thing. Cook on 180c / 350f for 20-25 minutes. You'll know it's done when there's no liquid wobbling around.

Carefully remove from the oven, use oven gloves!! And Voila, that's it. I like to leave it to cool, but you can eat it warm or cold, that's the joy of it.

Serve alone, with a side salad, or just with a bit of Tommy K. Make sure you tag me in your recreations.

Until next time, Love & Lipstick,

Lisa xx

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