Updated: Jan 9

What’s the best eyeshadow shade for my eye colour?’ Ok, so this has to be one of the questions I get asked the most. And my answer is usually the same. ‘Girl don’t worry about that, experiment’!

Colour is a beautiful thing and if you see an eyeshadow shade that you love the look of, or one that matches your favourite shoes, then don’t be afraid to give it a go. Afterall, It’s only makeup, you can always wash it off. I give my Nan, Doris, the credit for my attitude towards colour. I remember watching her, from a very young age, sat at her dressing table, applying her lipstick to her lips, popping it onto her cheeks, and then blending a touch onto her eyelids. She would then proceed to match her plastic earrings and necklace combo to the lipstick colour. At 90, she still does this-what a hero. Everyone should #bemoredoris.

I also think that shades that suit you, have more to do with your skin tone and your hair colour than your eyes. For example, if you are super fair with blonde hair, pale-toned shadows are not going to do you any favours.

However, if you want to make your eyes ‘pop’, then there are definitely shades that do this more than others, depending on your eye colour. So below’s guide is by no means set in stone, but it is a list of fail-safe shades to make the most of your eye colour, alongside some of my favourite eye-shadows and palettes.


Browns, bronzes, gold’s, orange tones and greys


Purples, emerald greens, navy blues, bronzes and greys.


Literally all colours! But jewel tones look amazing.


Browns, bronzes, purples and greys.


Purples, bronzes, steel blues and greys.


Palettes are absolutely the best way to get a collection of eye-shadows that work together. Some have similar tones throughout in different finishes, others have a collection of different tones with different finishes. Here are some of all-time favourites.

Created by the iconic makeup artist Pat Mcgrath, these palettes are pretty pricy but SO worth it. The pigment and finish are unbelievable. They blend beautifully, and the colour collection is a dream. Completely what you’d expect from the ‘Mother of makeup’. Ps: The sublime one is my absolute fave, mainly because the green is exquisite.

Guys, this is £5! Yep, you read that right, FIVE POUNDS! The same price as a Mocha chocca latte. Honestly, I was shocked by how good these palettes are. The pigment is great, there’s minimal fall out and the pressed glitter pigments are dreamy. The velvet rose is my fave, but at that price, get them all!

This is a really straight forward collection with clear guidelines. Separated into 4 sections of 3 shadows, it’s a super easy way to create a gorgeous smokey eye from soft to full on. I’m a big fan of Charlotte's pressed glitters, and the shimmers in this palette do not disappoint. This is great for someone who is stuck in a makeup rut and wants to try something new.

Any of them! These are an absolute classic. Everyone should have a Naked palette in their collection. They are all so wearable and tend to consist of every shade you need to create a classic smokey eye of dreams. From nudes, to pinks  peaches to greys. To the Cherry (featured in pic), and Honey palette. You really can't go wrong.

This is a great palette if you want to experiment with colour. It’s affordable and has an array of jewel toned shades. Jewel tones are the best when you want to play with colour. The richness of them tends to suit most and using them helps create an eye look with impact. Try wetting an eyeliner blush and using them to line the eye for a subtle approach.

So there we have it, my simple guide to all things eye-shadow. Just remember to pair your looks with a great mascara and beautiful brows. Oh, and always remember to #bemoredoris

Love & lipstick Lisa xx


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