Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I’m a treasure hunter. My idea of a fun afternoon, is spending hours rummaging through home shops on the high street and online. I like to find the odd things, the beautiful things, the things that make me smile when I see them in my home. So here are my top 10 stores right now. I’ll add to this list over time, and will do seasonal edits of my favourite items. If your fave is not on the list, be sure to share it in the comments, because I always need a new item of joy to add to my collection.


I like to think this website was my little secret for years. I can’t remember how I discovered it. And TBH I don’t care, I’m just bloody grateful I did. Owned by the gorgeous Jane Rockett and Lucy St. George, who I like to think are my interior spirit animals. This site is just so fantastical and unique. The edit is exceptional. Jane and Lucy search Worldwide to find items that no-one else has. From quirky Bear shaped vases (mine’s called Bark. I name all the animal related pieces in my home. Meaning that I have approx 38 pets)! To the most beautiful ornate side tables. If you’re looking for items to ‘make’ your home a home, this is the site for you. It’s also a wonderful place for gifts. I still kinda wish RSG was ‘my little secret is’. But it would be rude not to share the love.


If you’ve never been into an Anthro store, you must! They are the most beautiful shops in the land. They have a mega visual merchandising team who create the most magical displays. From a giant whale made of paper mâché, to individual, hand painted leaves made out of metal, foil and fabrics, sometimes I go into the shops just to look at this creative genius. I obvs always come out with a purchase too! Everything in Anthropologie is aesthetically pleasing. From the candles that look like they’ve been dipped in a dreamy oil spilled puddle, to the hand embroidered tasseled pillows, these guys have got it right. Once I was in the states whilst our kitchen was being  renovated. It was at a time when the pound was really strong, (remember those days)?! I bought so much, that I had to go and get 2 new suitcases to take it home in. Extra, I know, but it was pretty much half price, and I needed that grater in the shape of a cat, and the serving dish covered in tropical parrots. So yes, I love this shop. Can you tell??


There is no-where I would rather be at 6.30am on A Tuesday morning than here. If you are a treasure hunter this place is your dream. Located in Kempton race course, and on the 2nd and last Tuesday of every month, the market is full of the best antique dealers in Europe. These men and women know their stuff and for me this is a dream. Just like beauty, I love to know alllll the information. So being told the history of the furniture, the place it was made and sometimes, who the previous owners were, is just gorgeous. The great thing about buying from A market is the uniqueness. It’s like when you ask someone where they got their amazing coat from and they respond with, ‘it’s vintage’. You know that if you buy that item, it’s very unlikely that anyone else will own the same piece. 

Bartering is also key. They don’t call me Del Boy Potter for nothing!! Don’t be rude and under offer, but if something is £300, you’ll probable get it for £250 so go in at £200. Always have cash, there’s a cash point on site. And if you do buy something bulky, there’s a van delivery service on site. One thing I will say is get there early. It opens at 6.30am so get there at 6.20am. The guys that buy from here are pro’s, so if you want to get the best stuff, you have to be eagle eyed. And if you see something you love, buy it. Otherwise it will be gone when you head back 30 minutes later. And no-one wants the regret of loosing that dream 1972 cocktail trolley. 


If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I’m obsessed with TKMAXX. I adore finding a bargain and Homesense Is the home version. I’ve got my hands on crystal champagne glasses for a couple of quid, to Jonathan Adler designer jars for a quarter of the price. It’s absolutely amazing what bargains you can find. Now this isn’t old stock. You can find items in Homesense that are triple the price In a shop across the road. I buy 80% of my kitchenware from here. Tefal pans, Le Creuset pots and Japanese knives are always available, as are luxury candles such as Neom and Pecksmith. I’ve bought rugs and coshes galore, and the occasional gold monkey shaped lamp. You never know what you’re going to find. But you can guarantee that what you do find will save you a quid or 2. 


The chicest home shop on the high street, West Elm is the most gorgeous and luxurious store. No-one can grow fiddle fig trees like West Elm. (If you don’t know what a Fiddle fig is, it’s a plant that needs as much care as a new born child). If you’re looking for beautiful, modern things, this Is place for you. In the bigger stores, there are interior design teams that can help you. Although I must say, all the staff are always super efficient and knowledgeable. Now this shop is a little bit more expensive than some, but the quality is exceptional. I have their curtain rails throughout my house, and it’s the small things like this that can really finish a room. They also have the most amazing mirrors. We have 2 of their large metal framed mirrors and they get so many comments. Definitely sign up to their newsletter as they regularly host sales and discount days.


The home of home made, Etsy is just fab. Its incredible how much talent is out there, and this site allows these people to sell their wares. From knitted tea cosy’s to industrial shelving units, you can find anything on Etsy. Not only are you supporting small businesses by buying from here, you are also purchasing something unique. The majority of stores let you customise the size and colour of the items you are buying. I’ve bought many a thing over the years, including our incredible dining room table. Because you’re talking direct to the sellers, you are getting that old school customer service that big chains can only dream of creating. So before you walk into a department store, search Etsy as you will more than likely be able to find a dream homemade version of what you’re looking for.


I love the styling on this website. For people who aren’t the best at visualising what something will look like in situ, this site really helps. Everything is very chic and considered. And the items are high quality. You can find anything and everything.  From large pieces of furniture, to small pieces for styling your home. I particularly love their seasonal edit’s. The images on the website are so gorgeous, they even made me believe that I need a train to go under the Christmas tree! 


Made is a very sleek interiors shop. Their furniture is modern and their website is very user friendly. Recently they’ve really started to play with texture, and their velvet sofa’s and poofs are just gorgeous. Their colour scheme tends to be earthy and soft, meaning the items will fit beautifully into any home. I have their grey velvet curtains in every room of my house, with the exception of a blush pink pair in then kitchen, and I love them. Just be wary of the delivery time as some items are made to order so can take up to 12 weeks to be delivered. Although I’ve never been disappointed with a purchase,so the wait is worth it.


I have wasted many an hour scrolling through this site searching for gems and have absolutely no regrets. This vintage interiors website is wonderful. The sellers are based all over the World so the type of product is endless. The quality of the items are also brilliant. And the website is very transparent about any wear and tear. If you’re looking for an original French Chanderlier or a Mid Century side board, you’ll have your pick of the bunch on here. 

Graham and Green

This website has a lot of stuff. A lot of wonderful stuff at that. It’s a very smart site with beautiful styling. I love it because, as well as selling a lot of smart, modern items, they also sell some great quirky bits. The garden section is particularly good. I adore my swan planter and dandelion solar lights. The garden is my haven, so I enjoy having things in it that make me smile.


This website has a lot of stuff. A lot of wonderful stuff at that. It’s a very smart site with beautiful styling. I love it because, as well as selling a lot of smart, modern items, they also sell some great quirky bits. The garden section is particularly good. I adore my swan planter and dandelion solar lights. The garden is my haven, so I enjoy having things in it that make me smile.

N.B. All images featured in this article are sourced directly from the company's Instagram page

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