Lisa Potter-Dixon x Jayce Wong

I first met Jayce at a jewellery show in London and I immediately fell in love with her beautiful creations, and with her. At the time, I couldn’t afford anything, but I did ask her for her card to pass onto Theo as I knew, right there and then, that I didn’t want anyone else to make my engagement ring (if that ever happened, I mean we were 6 years into our relationship, he was taking his time ;)

Two years later, Theo proposed and, guess what, he had kept the card and had my beautiful ring made by Jayce. It was from that moment Jayce and I became firm friends.

I am so excited to be showcasing our second collaboration together!

Jayce is a true artist. She is the type of person that can draw a masterpiece on a napkin. No seriously, half of the pieces she’s made me have been drawn on a napkin in a bar somewhere!

Jayce grew up between Hong Kong and the US and was initially trained by her grandfather. Her design talent was clearly inherent; one of her oldest memories is taking pieces of her mother’s broken and unwanted jewellery apart and transforming it into wearable and interesting pieces.

She still specialises in redesigning old pieces. Most of my beauties are made from items I was left by my grandma. You guys know I’m all about sentimental value and my jewellery is no exception.

Our entire collection is made from solid 14k gold and sustainably sourced diamonds and stones. I’ve listed a few of my faves below, but do check out everything on Jayces website These are pieces you will keep and love forever. We can’t wait to see what you get!



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I hope you love the collection as much as I do! As always comment and let me know your faves.

Love Lis xx

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