The Top 50 Beauty Products of 2020 as voted by you!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

I honestly feel like 2020 has been the year of self care. I mean we’ve not had much else to indulge in, so upping our skincare routine or trying out a new lip colour seems to have brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. This was evident in the poll I created asking for your faves of the year. Over 5000 of you voted. 5000!! What made me feel a bit emosh (you know it’s not hard for me!) was that a lot of the products are ones that I have spoken about over the year. I’m so happy that they have worked for you as well as they have worked for me. Here, ladies and gents, are our top 50!

#1. Living proof PHD dry shampoo £18

Well this isn’t much of a surprise is it?! Top knots have been the 2020 hair hero and washing hair has been at the bottom of most people’s priority list. Just behind getting dressed. So this baby has helped many of us look like we’ve made some sort of effort on the copious number of zoom calls we’ve had to attend for no apparent reason.

#2. Hada Labo super hydrator £18

So it seems that this isn’t just a skincare staple for me. Thousands of you voted for the amazing hyaluronic. My skin just doesn’t feel the same if I don’t use it. With 4 different types of hyaluronic getting that hydration deep into the skin, and a bloody good price point, it’s no wonder it’s in this list. Ps: If you’re unsure of where to put this in your routine, check out this post.

#3. Lisa Eldridge velvet lipstick £26

Soooo pleased these made the top 50. They are probably my lipsticks of the decade, seriously! The texture and pigment are unreal. You can tell they’ve been made by a makeup artist. And not just any artist, one of the best. My favourite colours are Velvet Morning and Rainbow spill.

#4. Glossier future dew £25

Yessss to this oil and hybrid serum. This is my number 1 glossier product. Tbh, I’m not sure if it’s made my skin feel any different. But what it does is make your skin LOOK incredible. It gives you an insane glow. I adore using it under a liquid foundation, but equally love patting it on over makeup to give a glossy finish.

#5. Armani luminous silk foundation £43

I love that you love this. It really is my all time favourite foundation. It leaves your skin looking like it’s living its best life. From the even texture, to the glow, the weight, the pigment match. It’s divine.

#6. Marc Jacobs at lash’d £25

The mascara of the year in my (and your) opinion. Jet black, volumised, feathery lashes. What more could you want?!

#7. VB beauty kajal liner £22

The black liner we’ve all been waiting for. It glides on, stays put, and blends if you want it to. I actually love all the shades. But the black is a staple.

#8. Urban Decay stoned palette £32

It’s a palette made out of crystals. I meannnn yes! It can transform any makeup look instantly. I like to apply it with my fingers. My favourite way to add a touch of sparkle.

#9. Chanel healthy glow bronzer £42

Surely one of the most talked about beauty relaunches of the year? When it came to discussing the new formula, the beauty community were out in full force. Turns out it was a success as, for the first time, it took over Benefit’s Hoola as the Number 1 premium bronzer in the UK. If you’re still unsure, click here to watch my video comparing the new and the old formula.

#10. Aromatherapy Associates deep relax oil £49

It seems I’m not the only one who has needed this this year. And I love how many of you have found the ‘rubbing it in your chest before getting in the bath or shower’ technique, to be a game changer. Keep enjoying your 5 minutes peace.

#11. Soap smith bath milk £25

Defo one of my fave finds of the year. I adore how these bath milks are made in and inspired by London. They leave the whole room smelling incredible, as well as leaving your skin silky smooth.

#12. Medik 8 HEO mask £55 (back in stock soon)

So it seems a lot of you managed to get your hands on this before it was withdrawn due to the packaging leaking. And considering 100’s of you voted for it, it seems that, like me, this didn’t bother you! Deemed the most hydrating mask on the market, this has helped to give my skin a glorious glow. Get on that waiting list.

#13. Danessa Myricks dew wet balm £22

Yessss! This makes me so happy. This is quite an unusual product, so I love that you guys love it too. It gives you the most insane glow. My fave has to be the Rose shade. This is a blush and gloss hybrid. It’s a product that will forever be in my kit.

#14. Ghd rise £169

Okkkk GHD. This is one of those products that brings me joy. Mainly because it smooths and shapes the hair so easily. And I’m all about easy hair. It’s been so sad that salons have had to close for months this year, so this has helped give a blow dried vibe at home.

#15. Iconic set prep glow spray £22

I use this every damn day. Whether I’m wearing makeup or not. 100’s of you put this as a fave. I love it because it adds such a gorgeous glow to my skin, as well as hydrating it. It’s also great for under a mask as it helps your makeup stay put.

#16. James Read H20 Tan face mist £20

Yesss to an easy tan. There are actually 3 tanning products in the list. This is the only mist. I love it because you literally spritz it on your face a few times and wake up with a healthy glow. Ta-da!

#17. Vichy 89 eye cream £15 (in sale)

Hydration and results are all we want from an eye cream. And it seems this one works for loads of you. I love the Vichy 89 range as much as you do.

#18. Louboutin lipstick £73

It seems a lot of you have treated yourself to this gorgeous thing. Yes, it’s a beautiful, pigmented lipstick. But let’s talk about the packaging and the fact you can wear it as a necklace!! One word. MEGA.

#19. Marie Reynolds hydra8 misting veil £28

This became a favourite during hayfever season. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-itch. So really helps with allergies. I keep mine in the fridge for extra impact.

#20. Ole Henriksen banana bright vit c serum £53

I’ve probs said this at least 3 times already, but I love when products that really work for me, work for you too. Ole was an early adopter of putting vitamin C in skincare, and his products are wonderful. This has taken many a dull complexion to glow status.

#21. Neom well-being pod diffuser £90

Isn’t this a beauty?! I have one upstairs and one downstairs. It fills the whole house with the smell of the oils you put in it.

#22. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat rouge 540 perfume £215

My most worn fragrance of the year. How amazing is this, guys?! It just smells incredible. Like the most wonderful bunch of roses mixed with some sort of musky joy. Just wow.

#23. E.l.f. glitter shadow £5

Yes to more sparkle in the list! These are fab. A liquid glitter shadow in a tube. Just chuck it on and dance round the kitchen like it’s 2019.

#24. Maison Margiela jazz club fragrance £98

The Margiela fragrances were the most popular in the vote. And I’m not surprised. They evoke memories instantly, the bottles and descriptions are just lovely. All the scents are stunning but Jazz club was the most popular. I’m wondering if it’s because we’re all dreaming of a night out-ha! My faves are Beach club, Lazy Sunday morning and Jazz club. Oooh and Under the lemon tree and Springtime in the park! Ha! You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

#25. Hourglass unlocked mascara £29

There were a lot of votes for this mascara. I love it too. It’s a great everyday mascara. The wand combs the lashes from root to tip. I wore it for hours and there was absolutely no transfer. Great for anyone with oily eyelids.

#26. Cera VE SA cleanser £9

Lots of fans of this. It’s a great cleanser that removes dirt and oil whist also gently exfoliating. Great for sensitive skin as it’s very gentle.

#27. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush bronzer £39

It seems that this was your fave CT launch of the year (and there were a lot). The airbrush powder has been a kit staple for me, so I’m not surprised that the finish on this is glorious. If you love a powder bronzer, this one glides on and comes in a shade for everyone.

#28. Weleda skin food £13

This continues to be a cult classic for a reason. It’s one of those products that, once you start using it, you can’t live without it. It totally transforms dry skin.

#29. Vieve The essential palette £43

When I saw this on the list it literally made me go ‘ahhh”! Created by my friend Jamie Genevieve, this launch made me feel so proud. J has created a wearable, quality collection. And this palette seems to be the stand out. Can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.

#30. Ren rose Otto oil £32

I first started using this at the beginning of lock down. It smells beautiful and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated for hours

#31. Kate Somerville goats milk cleanser £32

Such a brilliant cleanser for sensitive skin. It can be hard to find a good cleanser when you have delicate skin, so this is a winner. It also nourishes the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling tight after use.

#32. Elemis Dynamic resurfacing pads £40

Woohoo, I’ve used these for years. You know when your skin feels a bit rough? Well, glide one of these over the face after cleansing, and, as if by magic, feel the smoothness return. Elemis is a great brand with so many great products. But I’m really pleased these are in the top 50 list.

#33. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter £34

This has become one of Charlotte’s most iconic products for a reason. It literally adds radiance to your skin. I love wearing it under and over makeup. It’s the secret weapon that gives you a flawless glow.

#34. Seoulista hydration instant facial mask £8

We’ve all needed a bit of pampering this year. And this is the sheet mask that has come out on top. With 30ml of serum inside, it gives your skin a hydration boost instantly.

#35. Tan luxe illuminating drops £35

Another tanning fave. Literally put a few drops into your moisturiser at night, and wake up with a light tan. I always feel better when I’ve got a glow.

#36. Murad Youth retinal serum £75

This was the most voted for retinal. Murad is a brilliant brand and this is a great product to help fight the ageing process. Great for reducing fine lines and for smoothing out the appearance of skin.

#37. Elemis Pro collagen rose cleanser £44

This oil balm cleanser is brilliant in any of the scents. But, like you, I love the rose scent too. It reminds me of sunny days in my Nan and Grandad’s back garden. It removes all makeup. All of it!

#38. Milk lip and cheek glow oil in Halo £19

One of the easiest make up products you can use. Blend it on the cheeks for a pop of colour and a soft glow. These are brilliant for on the go. And we might not have been going further than our front rooms this year, but that’s not the point!

#39. Bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick £24

Oooh, this was man interesting one as I don’t use these much, but should maybe start as 100’s of you do! They are so easy to use because of the creamy texture. Draw over the lid and blend in with your fingers or a brush. Et Voila.

#40. Isle of paradise self tanning drops £20

You guys love an easy glow. And this product most certainly gives you that. In fact, it gives you a bespoke faux glow. As the more drops you add to the moisturiser, the darker your skin will glow. I usually find 3-4 is perfect.

#41. Aurelia pro biotic concentrate £38

There were a good few Aurelia products in the line up, but this was the most popular. Include it in any skincare routine and let it work its magic. The probiotic helps with redness, inflammation and premature skin ageing.

#42. Bobbi brown pot rouge in powder pink £23.50

Yay! I’ve used this for years and really love it. It just gives you that “just been for a walk on a cold day” flush that leaves you looking healthy. Pat on with fingers or buff in with a fluffy blusher brush. It also looks fab on the lips.

#43. Sunday Riley ice ceramide moisturising cream £60

This was a new discovery for me in 2020 and I love it. It’s so rich. I use it when my skin feels like it needs a boost. It’s gorgeous. Ps: It smells incredible.

#44. Westman Atelier Lit up highlighter stick £44

Okuurrrr so it seems that you guys love a glow as much as I do. This is made obvious by the multiple highlighting products on this list. This baby has to be one of my fave of the year. Again, created by an incredible makeup artist, the glow on this is stunning. It gives a glass, revitalised glow to the skin. A real stunner

#45. Ouai body cream £32

I love this, I love this, I love this. It cocoons your body in a luxurious, silky layer of goodness. And it smells insane.

#46. Codex beauty Bia facial oil £60 (in sale)

I discovered this brand this year and I adore it. This facial oil is so rich and yet light. By that I mean that it sinks into your skin beautifully, but you can really feel it’s working. A brand to watch in 2021.

#47. Victoria Beckham beauty lid lustre £30

The texture of these shadows is magnificent. Has an eyeshadow ever been called that before!?!? When you use these it’s like adding a bit of jewellery to your makeup look. I adore all the colours but adore shade midnight. This would work on all skin tones.

#48. Aroma active muscle recovery soak £30

Yes to soaking our aching muscles. Whether it’s from a new exercise routine, or front sitting at your home made desk, relieving the tension after a long day is important. This was another new 2020 discovery. It is a blend of gorgeous essential oils. It turns into a milk in the bath and leaves your skin feel lovely and soft. Btw, I adore how much you guys obviously love a bath as much as I do!!

#49. Estée Lauder Advanced night repair serum £60

I would have been really surprised if this didn’t make the list. An icon in the beauty world, AMR is the UK’s number 1 serum for a reason. Its new formulation is even better. It seems you guys are as impressed as I am.

#50. MAC strobe cream £25

Well it kinda makes sense to end on a glow product considering how many are in the list. And MAC’s strobe is one of the OG’s. Wear alone, mix with your base, pat over the top, or use on your body. This is a multi use glow baby in a bottle.

And there we have it, our top 50 beauty products of 2020. I feel like we could have done a top 100, but I’ve got to watch ELF for the 8th time this month sooooo! Ha!

I just want to end this by saying thank you so much for all your support this year. We have a wonderful community surrounding us. Merry Christmas to you all and, even though it’s an odd one, chuck on some glitter and crack open the Prosecco.

See you in 2021!!

Love & Lipstick,

Lisa xx

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