My guide to the best SPF's

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

SPF, Sun Protection Factor - 3 words. Slap it on!

Here are all your SPF & Sunscreen questions answered. I'll share you with you how to use SPF as part of your skincare routine, how much SPF you should be using, how often you should be applying SPF and of course my recommended SPF's for face, body, sports, swimming plus lip balms too.

Why you must always use an SPF

How many of you can actually, say hand on heart, that you use SPF religiously every damn day? Well if you don’t then I’m here to tell you you should! Sun damage is real and wearing SPF does not stop you tanning! But it does help prevent premature ageing as well as protect your skin from the likes of pigmentation and Melanoma.

According to research rates of skin cancer are increasing faster than any other cancer in the UK, with figures doubling every 10-20 years

Personally, I never use anything under an SPF30. I generally go for A SPF50. Anything lower than am SPF15 is pointless.

How to use an SPF as part of your Skincare routine?

This should be the last step in your skincare routine, before you apply makeup.

How much SPF should you be using?

For your face it is recommended that you apply 2 fingers worth of product to the face and neck. Don’t do a Gwyneth and just put it on ‘the high points of your face because that where you tan’. RIDICULOUS BEHAVIOUR!! Oooo and don’t forget your ears. The skin is very thin there so can easily burn.

For your body, about 2 shot glasses full of SPF should do the trick. But always put a bit more than you think.


How often should apply SPF to your face?

You should apply SPF to the face EVERY DAY come rain or shine. Don’t think you don’t need it because it’s cloudy. The UVA & UVB rays are out in all weathers and that means they can damage your skin whenever you’re outside.

How often should apply SPF to your body?

I cover my body when I’m out in the sun. Obvs if I’m wearing jeans and a jumper there’s no need. However, during summer when my legs are out, the sunscreen is on.

I use a lot. I pretty much smother myself in the stuff. And you should reapply every 2 hours when In the sun. More if swimming.

My favourite SPF's

All of the brands that I mention are Ocean and reef friendly. (Eeeeekkkkekkkkeek -that was my Dolphin impression incase you wondered)!! Also, most of the products I have listed come in a variety of SPF spectrums. I just tend to go for the higher ones.

Bondi Sands

This is a brilliant brand from Australia. The fact they are from a country with one of the hottest climates, means that their SPF’s are ready for any weather. They are also super hydrating and great for sensitive skin-as well as being affordable

Fragrance Free SPF50+

I love this product because it sinks into the skin so quickly. It works on all skin tones. It gives up to 72hours hydration and includes vitamin E and Aloe Vera. On top of that it is up to 80mins water resistant. It’s fragrance free and great for sensitive skin.

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I really love this brand. Each formula is created with at least 70% certified organic ingredients and they have a great sustainability approach. All of the products are rich in anti-oxidants and leave your skin feeling nourished.

Classic sunscreen spray SPF30

Best for body

This is an ultra-sheer mist that sinks in immediately. It includes their antioxidant-rich plant protection complex which leaves the skin feeling nourished. It's gorge natural scent is basically a holiday in a bottle. Click here to buy.

Hawiian tropic

This iconic brand is one that I remember from my childhood and one that I continue to love. Not only are their products great for all skin types, including sensitive. The packaging is sustainable and, lets be honest, it smells incredible. Think of the best Pina Colada and imagine your skin smelling of that all day. Devine!

Aloha Care SPF 30

Best for body, Type-Cream

This lightweight formula also mattifies the skin. So it's great if you get oily in the heat or just in general. it's fast absorbing and has the amazing scent that HT are famous for. Click here to buy.


Another longstanding brand, Lancaster was made in Monaco in 1946. These guys were offering premium sun-care before anyone knew the dangers of sunbathing. A fantastic reliable range.

Sun sensitive luminous tan SPF50

Best for body, Type-cream

Another one that is greats for sensitive skin thanks to it's Sunsicalm complex that helps to sooth skin. It is lightweight and blends in pretty much instantly. Click here to buy.

La roche posay

A brand deeply rooted in dermatological heritage, La roche posay is a cult favourite. The thermal spring water they use is over 1700 years old. It’s protected from any type of pollution which is impressive. Their SPF’s are great for every day use.

Anthelios ultra-light invisible fluid SPF50

Best for face, Type-Cream

This is great for day to day use under makeup. It’s light weight, non sticky and doesn’t leave any white marks. It comes in a variety of factors and even comes in a tinted version which is fab for a no make up make up kinda day. To be honest, the whole Anthelios range is a win. The face mist is also excellent to use throughout the day over makeup. Click here to buy.

Murad 20% off everything LPD20

One of my all round fave skincare brands, I haven't met a Murad product that hasn't performed. Created in 1989 by Dr. Murad this is a brand that is sciency but not stuffy.

City skin age defense SPF50++++

Best for face, Type-cream

This is a bloody brilliant SPF. It's the one I keep in my handbag. It's super lightweight and leaves a luminous, pearly finish to the skin without leaving.a white residue. I've never broken out with this sunscreen thanks to it's amazing skin-caring ingredients. It also has environment protection technology which protects against pollution. Great for anyone living in the city. Click here to buy.


This is a 145 year old brand that know's it's shit. I adore Shiseido products full stop. But their Sunscreens are a definite fave. The Japanese know great skincare and this means that Shiseido's SPF's are full of skin-caring ingredients.

Syncroshield Expert sun protector SPF30

Best for face and body, Type - cream

This product is very water resistant, making it great for anyone who loves swimming or playing sport in the sun. It's unique syncroshield technology responds to the sweat and water and locks in the UV protective veil. It's a cream formula which blends quickly into the skin. Click here to buy.


Another brand that I really trust, Skinceuticals are, in my opinion, one of the best skincare brands on the market. It's advanced professional skincare that is loved by dermatologists and facialists for a reason.

Oil shield UV defense sunscreen SPF50

Best for face, Type- cream

As well as the high protection and the light-weight formula. This SPF also helps to reduce the appearance of oiliness in hot and humid climates. Click here to buy.


These guys are great. Their whole brand attitude is about 3 things. Protecting your skin, protecting animals and protecting skin. Even though they’ve been going for over 10 years, I actually only tried the brand for the first time last year. Now I’m obsessed. It’s light weight, non greasy and smells like the greatest pina colada you’ve ever had.

Original SPF50 sunscreen spray

Best for body, Type- Spray

Loveeeee this spray. It's so easy to use as the mist is really fine. It blends beautifully and dries quickly. It also has Vitamin E in it so your body feels super hydrated after a day of using it. An essential for all beach bags. Click here to buy.

Ultra sun

This brand was founded over 30 years ago by a Swiss chemist who’s brother had been a victim of skin cancer. He used his knowledge to create the brand. The products are reliable and long wearing. They are the only skincare brand to use patented Lamellar technology. This baby has a high affinity to the natural structure of the skin, meaning the product can bind and work below the skin surface. in it so your body feels super hydrated after a day of using it. An essential for all beach bags.

SPF50 Sport

Best for body, Type-Spray

This is the best sports SPF I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t budge. Trust me I swam the 50 miles of Lake Geneva in a relay, it was 30 degrees In the sun and none of us burnt in the slightest. If you do any form of outside activity this is awesome. Click here to buy.

Ultra violette

I'm so happy that this cult Ozzie brand has finally landed in the UK. Firstly, the packaging, with it's bright neon vibe, is right up my street. But more than that, much more than that, the formula's are lightweight, non -sticky and are packed with the best Australian anti-oxidants.

Queen Screen SPF50

Best for face, Type- cream/serum

What a product name! QUEEN SCREEN! Wish i'd come up with that one! This is basically a sunscreen disguised as a serum. It's lightweight, sits beautifully under makeup. It leaves a glow not a grease. and it never pills. Click here to buy.


Vichy is a great brand who's products are powered by volcanic mineralising water which is rich in 15 minerals.This is the main active ingredient that is found in Vichy products.

Capital Soleil SPF50, Best for body


This is super hydrating SPF thanks to the Vichy mineralising water and the hyaluronic formula. The water also helps to calm irritated skin making it great for sensitive skin too. Click here to buy.

Lip balms

I annoyingly get cold sores regularly. And although the sun is a joy, it can be a nightmare for my sores. So an excellent SPF lip balm is essential. What I would say is that if you are prone to coldsores, don't put lip balm on straight from the tube. Use clean fingers to apply to stop spreading the bugger.

Bondi Sands - Lip balm SPF50+

Even though this is an SPF50, it feels like weight and gives a lovely finish on the lips. It comes in multiple scents, but my fave has to be the Watermelon. Click here to buy.

Shiseido - UV lip splash SPF30

A clear lip balm which blends easily and leaves a lovely glossy finish. Click here to buy.

Ultra violette - Sheen screen hydrating lip balm SPF50

Packed with lanolin to deeply hydrate and shea butter to soothe, this is a great balm. They are also slightly tinted meaning they can also replace your usual lip gloss. Click here to buy.

So that is the end if my SPF edit. I would love to hear your favourites.

Thanks for reading,

Lis x

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