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So many of you have asked for a post on this, so here it is! I'm lucky enough to travel a lot and that means that I am an absolute pro when it comes to an in-flight routine. Theo might call me slightly obsessed. I mean who can blame him when I've been known to slather him in facial oil at least 3 times in a 2 hour flight!

The other thing I love about an in-flight kit is a mini product. There is nothing cuter than a moisturiser the size of a 50 pence piece. Apart from puppies perhaps. Puppies are my fave.

A flight is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. It's an hour or 10 where you're pretty much forced to watch movies made for the big screen on one smaller than a best selling novel. It's time to relax as much as the turbulence and the lack of leg room allow you. And, most importantly, it's time to treat your skin. And if you don't, you might regret it. Because flying plays havoc with it. Altitude has an impact on your blood flow. The higher the altitude the lower the blood flow. This can make your skin look dull and feel dry, so having a routine is essential if you want to keep your glow. As always, I change my products up a lot depending what's in my beauty cupboard. So here are my current favourites. Just a note to say that all these products are great for mature skin too. The majority of them are suitable for all ages. Anything anti-ageing is suitable for anyone 25 plus.


Firstly, yes, this is a lot of stuff but remember you and your skin deserve this treat. And you're going on holiday, unless you're not and you're actually on route to a boring work conference. Awks! Either way I tend to board a plane with no makeup on. I then start my routine about an hour into the journey.


The plastic bags you get at airports can be restricting. Especially if you're travelling alone. I always use Theo's bag too. I mean I have everything we both need, so, much like our wardrobe, I need the space more, right?!

Talking of bags, I always pack my product in one of the clear bags that you can buy. These can fit a lot more product in, you can pre pack them before you leave, and they can be reused for years, unlike the ones you get at the security gate. 90% of the time I get away with my own bag at the airport. I always hide it under a jumper in the tray, just incase you get a security guard who got out of the bed on the wrong side. But its definitely worth the risk. I'm actually not even sure of the rules when it comes to 'The plastic bag' scenario. Google says; 'Any liquid toiletries or makeup will have to abide by the TSA liquid rule. This means that each makeup container must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or smaller, and all containers must fit inside a one quart (one litre) clear zip top bag'. So, in my opinion, this means you're all good with the below bags.


These guys do some amazing travel bags. They're all very chic and hardwearing. On top of that you can have them monogrammed. I mean who doesn't like personalised shit?! These are my favourites from the collection.

Violet croc Helsinki perspex double clear wash bag £40

I easily fitted all products mentioned in the bag

This is a double sided bag which I LOVE! It means you can be super organised and fit SO much stuff in it. It looks good and is very, very practical.

Oslo perspex makeup back in Tan croc £25 (see pic above)

This bag is great if you don't have as much product as me!! It still fits a lot in it, just not quite as much as the Helsinki. I use this in my kit to hold brushes.

Space NK makeup bag £24

I fitted all liquid products mentioned in the bag.

This is a great bag. It sells out every time it comes back into stock. It comes in an array of colours and fits everything you need in it. The only slight downfall is that I find things fall out when I open it. Not a big deal butvcan be annoying if you pack it to it's max.


Whether you're wearing makeup or not, it's important to cleanse your skin. These mini's are my faves. I either take one or the other, not both.

La Roche Posay Toleriane £16.99 for 30

These single dose make up removers are bloody brilliant. Obviously they are made from plastic which is not ideal. So I only use these for travelling. I take 4 per trip and there are 30 in a pack, so they last me about 7 flights which is a lot! They are great for sensitive skin and remove all eye makeup. One capsule will do your whole face. I take a few cotton ball pads with me to cleanse with.

Murad Essential C cleanser £10

This is one of my favourite cleansers. You guys hear me rave about it all the time. It removes your makeup and gives the skin a great glow thanks to the vitamin C. I take this one on a long haul flight as, on most of these, whatever class you fly, you get given a hot flannel before take off. I take advantage of this by cleansing with the Murad and removing with the flannel. Lovely.

Face masks

This is my favourite part of the routine. I love a face mask. But more than that, I love the shocked faces of the flight attendants and my fellow passengers when I peer around the seat looking ghost-like.

I tend to do a mask every 4 hours, so the amount I take with me depends on the length of the flight.

Seoulista super hydration instant facial mask £7.99

This is my all time favourite sheet mask. It has 30ml of serum in it which is a huge amount. Most foundations are 30ml! It is SO hydrating and leaves you with the most incredible glow. On top of that, thanks to the quantity of serum, there's enough in the pack to use on your neck and hands.

Jade Roller £22

I use this once I've taken the mask off to smooth the serum over the face. I tend to get quite puffy on flights, and this helps with lymphatic drainage.

Lixir skin vitamin C paste £32

This mask is brilliant. The only slight pain is that you have to wash it off. But it's good to get up and stretch your legs regularly. I like to leave it on for about 15 minutes. It's jam packed with vitamin C which leaves your skin vibrant, luminous and toned.


I moisturise my skin about every 2 hours on board. I'm pretty obsessed with keeping my skin hydrated.

If you've read my 'order of skincare' post, you'll know why I use an array of products. So you don't need to do all of these elements if you don't want to, but your skin will reap the benefits if you do.

MILK watermelon brightening serum £12

Firstly, this doesn't count as a liquid. So you can keep it in your handbag to save space in your makeup bag. Secondly, this serum is so refreshing. It included moisture boosting watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid. The stick format is amazing for on the go. Just sweep it over cleansed skin for a hydration boost.

Elemis pro collagen marine oil £15

I love a face oil on a flight, and this marine oil is gorgeous. You only need a couple of drops so this travel size will last you a good couple of weeks. It includes a trio of seaweeds which deliver maximum hydration.

Ole Henriksen Truth C-rush brightening double creme £22

This little jar of brightening cream has 3 different types of vitamin C in it. It leaves your skin with a gorgeous glow and is great for long haul flights as it's such a beautiful, rich formula.

Weleda skin food £7.95

My OG. I've taken this product in my travel kit forever. It's an intense moisturiser that really works wonders. I tend to pile it on as my last step and let it work its magic. On land I wouldn't use this and another moisturiser. But inflight I always use both to avoid the dehydration a flight can cause. This is travel size, but for an extra couple of quid you can get the full size if you have space.

Facial mist

Neals yard white tea facial mist £13

I carry a facial mist at all times. It smells incredible and is perfect for a refreshing spritz on the go. The antioxidant-rich white tea is perfect for travelling. Spritz as many times as you want throughout your flight. I also love to spray it on the back of my neck and on my wrists if i'm feeling a bit hot and bothered.

Eye cream and lip balm

Kate somerville Goat milk de-puffing eye balm £32

Another one that doesn't count as a liquid-result! I specifically take this one as it's great for puffiness and that is something that regularly occurs inflight. Formulated with a blend of goats milk, natural milk proteins and Manuka honey, the balm soothes and moisturises the eye area.

Medik 8 Mutiny lip balm

This is one of my essential inflight products. My lips get soooo dry, particularly when travelling. i'm always looking for the next best lip balm and this is the winner right now. It includes squalene which is known for hydration. It starts as a gel and instantly melts into an oil. It doesn't include any petroleum, and I'm a big fan of that.

Time to snooze

This works Sleep power nap spray £12 (This is for 10ml. The one in the pic is the full size)

I use this religiously at home so I like to take it on long haul journeys to help me sleep. I spray a bit on my pillow and also on my top. Obvs don't spray too much as you're not the only one on the plane. But even a small amount is enough to help you relax.

Crystal eyes mask £80

I adore this eye mask. It's so comfy. It's made of silk and is infused with fair trade and conflict free crystals. I have the calming amethyst version, and honestly it helps me sleep better. I take it everywhere. It's perfect to help with an onboard snooze.

My secret weapon

First defence £6.50

For me , this is an essential product for travel. It's clinically proven to stop a cold in its tracks. I always take it when I board a flight even if I feel fine. Mainly because you never know if the people around you are sick, and a plane is a closed environment with no fresh air for how ever many hours. So this helps protect you. I also find it helps prevent me from getting as blocked up as I can on a journey.

Get ready for the sun

Glossier invisible shield SPF30 £20

Before you get off the plane, chuck on some SPF. Even if you're not heading to the sun, SPF is essential to protect your skin. I love this one by Glossier because it's super lightweight. The 30ml bottle is perfect for a weeks trip.


Living proof PHD dry shampoo £10

You know this is my go to hair product. To me, it's the best dry shampoo in the land. It cleans your hair for goodness sake! It also smells incredible. When I had long hair, I'd always plait my hair before a flight. With shorter hair, I tend to leave it down and use this to give it a bit of a jujj as we land. I usually leave this to the toilets at baggage collection. But I keep it in my in-flight bag so that it's easy to find. As with the fragrances below, think about your fellow passengers before you spray this on board.


I always take a fragrance with me in my travel kit. I use this when I'm about to get off the plane, just to freshen up a bit. Don't use it throughout the flight as not everyone will like the same scents as you.

I always take my favourite mini fragrances with me over a full size bottle. This saves space and prevents me from worrying about smashing my expensive bottles. I love trying new scents. That's why The Perfume society box is one of my fave subscriptions, as it means you can try a number of new smells for about £20. If you have a signature scent, always ask for a sample size when you buy your full size. These are free and tend to be super mini. But these are perfect for a long weekend away. Below I've included my go to's right mow. These are both travel size meaning that they will last a full 2 week trip and beyond.

Margiela Replica travel size fragrance Box of 10 difference scents £30

I absolutely adore every single Margiela scent. This is why I love the fragrance boxes which include 10 different scents, because then I don't have to choose. But if I had to, I'd say Beach Walk, Jazz Club and Under the Lemon Tree are my top picks.

Malin & Goetz Leather £40 for rollerball

I love this fragrance. It's amazing alone or layered with other perfumes. This rollerball has lasted me ages. You only need a small amount. It goes a long way. The leather smell is soooo sexy. I get complimented on this daily.


I don't tend to take much makeup on board, sometimes I don't take any in my in-flight kit. However, sometimes it's nice to add a bit of something, something before you get off the plane. So I take the basics. A brow gel, a glowing primer, concealer which I use anywhere on the face that needs a touch of coverage, a muti-use lip and cheek tint and a mascara. Adding these brightens up my complexion in minutes.

Benefit 24hr brow setter mini £12

A clear gel great for grooming the brows

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow mini £15

An amazing product for priming the skin and giving a healthy glow.

Dior correct concealer £22.50

A brilliant concealer which can be used anywhere on the face. I use this where I need it, you don't need much. I don't use a foundation on these occasions as I prefer A super natural look after a flight.

MILK glow oil shade Astro £12

One of my favourite blushers. It adds a subtle colour and a glow. I use it on the cheeks and lips

Rimmel Scandaleyes volume mascara £7.99

I'm really enjoying this mascara at the moment. It adds great definition to the lashes. Adding a slick of mascara can make you look wide awake, even after a long flight.

And that's it, my in-flight kit. Trust me, you will come off any flight hydrated and glowing if you use these products.

Let me know your favourite travel products below. And give this post a like if you've enjoyed it.

Until next time,

Love & lipstick,

Lisa xx

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