My Skinfluencers-part 2

Four Weeks, One Brand

Honest reviews by real people.

I could not be more excited about this monthly series. This is about you, the community, giving genuine reviews on skincare. Every month, I will pick four of you to test out the product ranges I am sent. I only have one face - obvs - so I can't test every product. I also wanted to see how products can help different dilemmas. So I'll always pick testers from a variety of ages, ethnicity and skin types. Everything you read below is written by my wonderful team of testers. The reviews are all slightly different lengths and styles. I love that as it showcases their individual personalities. I haven't edited or adapted the pics they sent me in any way. I really hope that this gives you a real insight into a number of different brands.

Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Over to my Skinfluencers.


Ginny White

  • Age 51

  • Mum of two

  • Business manager

  • Menopausal (so can vary), ageing skin.

  • Testing products by Murad.

About the brand by the brand

Founded by Dr. Murad in 1989, it was the first modern Doctor brand. Murad describes itself as Clinical, but cool. Doctor, but hardly dull. Science, but not stuffy

Products sent to Ginny

Ginny's before picture with no makeup

Ginny's first impressions

LOVE the packaging! Very simple and ‘clean’ looking - I like this in skincare!

Product names self explanatory and simple and instructions on the reverse of products are clear.

Initially felt 'WOW lots of things to use!'. I’m not rubbish with skincare but aware I don’t use all I should to get the results I’d like! I did also google just to check I used the products in the right order.

Prebiotic cleanser was light and creamy - used for both removing make up and washing face so used even if it was a no make up day (lockdown days!). Nice pump applicator. Did have to continue to use eye make up remover as needed to avoid getting into the eyes.

Essential-C Toner - don’t always use a toner so this was an extra step for me. It’s in a spray so quantity to use was a little harder to gauge. First couple of days I sprayed too much and left my face and neck a bit too wet. You need to avoid the eye area also so worked out to cover eyes when spraying forehead (duh) and not to spray too much. As the face is left quite wet I found I needed to wait a few minutes before continuing with remaining products.

Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum - pump application and found one pump enough. Product looks a creamy yellow iridescent colour so you feel there’s an immediate brightening look to your skin. Light texture and easy to blend into face, neck and chest.

Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector - so excited about using this! Dark circles are my thing and have tried a few things but pretty much given up hope of ever really making a dent in improving them. This had a similar look to the serum. A full pump of this product is borderline too much for a small area so gauged quite quickly to not over do it. It immediately brightens the under eye area as well as seemingly reduce any puffiness.

Essential-C Day Moisture - This is a fairly small tube so I had concerns as to how long this would last but…a small amount goes a really long way. It’s reasonably thick in texture and a little oilier than I would normally go for but I actually like it. My past moisturisers have not always had an SPF/PA+++ so to have both of these in my moisturiser was great.

Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream - I was really hesitant about using this. I have tried night creams in the past and after a couple of days I seem to always have one or 2 little white spots and my skin feels too ‘wet’. I used for the first 3 days and then had a couple of spots but couldn't be sure if it was this causing it or just the general change in skincare routine. I stopped using it for just 2 days and the re-started it and no spots have reappeared as yet.

Week 1

Overall my skin definitely feels more hydrated and softer . I can definitely already see a difference around my eye area in terms of darkness and also lines - will this be THE product for my eyes??

Week 2

Have been very regimented of making sure I use everything every morning and night.

Asked my sister to look at my start picture and now - particularly around my eye area. Her immediate reaction was ‘your under eye looks more hydrated’ - I took this to mean less lines!

Due to lockdown I haven't been wearing much make up, if any - this is pretty rare for me even on days off from work but I’ve felt comfortable enough to not wear anything. Definitely feel my skin looks smoother and more even toned.

Week 3

Started back at work this week but not seeing any customers as prepping to open so still no make up on!

Seen a couple of people out and about that haven't seen me for a while - both commented how well I looked.

I have now got a bit of a tan due to the gorgeous weather. The moisturiser with SPF has been enough to protect my face (admittedly I know I should be wearing a higher SPF!). In recent years, any sun on my face tends to create some odd pigmentation which I have partly put down to hormone changes. This hasn't happened this year which I can only put down to the moisturiser - despite having some colour on my face my skin tone is still very even and looks more taught.

Week 4

Had to stop using the night cream again for a couple of days as my skin started to feel tacky again with a couple of white spots. Re-started again part way through the week and everything fine. As I’m now fully back to work and wearing a full face of makeup I thought I would have more issues but actually my skin has been good.

Ginny's after pic after 4 weeks

The before and after pic side by side

Ginny's final thoughts

My under eye area definitely more hydrated and looks much better! Realistically I know my dark circles will never completely go but the eye cream has definitely made a difference - there’s an immediate difference on application due to the colour and any make up product I use under my eyes goes on well - I certainly feel I don’t need to use as much concealer as I have done in the past! I can be quite sensitive under the eyes so did wonder if with continued use if I would have issues - but nothing!

Love the serum and day moisturiser - would prefer if the day moisturiser was less fragranced but it wouldn't stop me using it.

I’m not sure I would use the toner as felt I couldn't quite get the amount right and ended up patting it into the skin to reduce the excess.

Jury is still out on the night cream - not because of the brand but just because my skin can suddenly become a little oilier and I feel a night cream exacerbates that.

Overall have LOVED using all the Murad products! Whilst pricier than I would normally spend what I would say is that after 4 weeks of using, I still have LOADS of product left so realistically great value for money - and will definitely be investing in the eye cream and serum when mine runs out!

Lisa's thoughts

Love what a difference these products have made, particularly to Ginny's under eyes. I'm a BIG Murad fan so am pleased to see that Gin is too after her trial.


Tahreema Aslam

  • 28

  • Intensive care Doctor (THANK YOU)!

  • Dry skin, prone to break outs and scarring. Especially with PPE

  • Testing products by Marie Reynolds

About the brand by the brand

Marie believes that skin health is dependent on three things; supporting the lipid barrier, feeding the microbiome and internal homeostasis (balance), this belief is reflected in the MRL range.

Marie has kindly offered 20% off her products until Monday 3rd August 2020 with the code LPD20

Tahreema's Before Pic with No Makeup

Tahreema's first impressions

Really minimal, elegant packaging. Generous sized bottles!

Goji Mallow Cleanser - Lovely scent, soft and velvety texture, pump dispenses a nice amount of cleanser.

Microfibre Mitt – Beautifully soft fabric, with simple cleaning instructions.

Hydr8 Misting Veil – Scent free, mist sprays out with quite some force though!

Elixir Facial Oill- Botanic, soothing scent, only a few drops needed and requires massaging to really sink into skin

Skin Quencher Cream – Light, quickly absorbing texture, only small amount required to feel really hydrated without any greasy residue

Restore Mask – Green powder (to be mixed with water to become paste), pot with extra lid inside to keep moisture out

Copper Wand – Beautifully boxed, with clear instructions on how to use for facial massaging

Supplements – sleek boxes, easily to store

Week 1

The Goji Mallow cleanser proved really gentle on the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised and hydrated. It required a few separate cleanses to get all eye make-up off but didn’t irritate the under-eye area despite repeated washes. The Microfibre Mitt is super gentle on skin and remained soft despite frequently being washed. The Elixir face oil left my skin feeling very hydrated and soft, in combination with Skin Quencher, however a lot less is needed than you expect.

On the first few days of use, particularly when wearing foundation and concealer, I noticed that my skin felt a little greasy, however on reducing the amount of Elixir I used and spending longer massaging it in, this was remedied.

The real highlight of starting to use the regime however was Restore. After the first use, my skin looked brighter and the pores around my nose, (which have been suffering due to my respirator mask use at work), were much less congested and red and appeared smaller. It took a couple of times to get the hang of getting the right consistency of the paste from the powder, but even a more liquid form gave visible results on washing off. The Copper Wand was something I didn’t use daily, but was a relaxing addition to the regime on days I had a little more time or wanted to destress.

Week 2

In the second week, I really started to notice the difference. The skin on my cheeks was definitely smoother, with fewer blocked pores and that areas that had previously been prone to being dry felt hydrated and soft throughout the day. I noticed a vast improvement in existing breakouts and fewer spots around the chin and nose area where I had been wearing masks. Generally, my skin was brighter and felt plumper. Hydr8 was a godsend on hot days, quick to soak in without feeling greasy.

Week 3

The redness that I previously used concealer daily around my nose had reduced to the point where I no longer used any! I was noticing that I was having to ‘cover up’ fewer areas of unevenness too, with a vast improvement in texture too. I found my skin recovering from mask use quicker; previously I would have strap marks for a number of hours after taking my respirator off and occasionally skin break down from the friction, but I was noticing that I was getting fewer sore areas and virtually no breakouts. When I did get any irritation, after using Restore and a larger amount of Elixir overnight, I noticed the healing would be significantly quicker. I kept Hydr8 in my work bag and would spritz it on following my shift for a post-work refresh, which was great not only for my skin but also had a relaxing, cooling effect.

Week 4

Unfortunately, I got a few hormonal breakouts on my cheek and forehead but these were much less angry and red than normal. I used a small amount of Restore on larger breakouts I wanted to target and found that even after one use, they were smaller and less obvious. The fine lines on my forehead had all disappeared, and the larger pores on my nose were visibly smaller.

Tahreema's picture after 4 weeks

The before and after picture side by side

Tahreema's final thoughts

Restore is a hero. Strong words, but I would recommend it to anyone. It seems to target so many concerns; many of which you didn’t focus on until it fixed it! Out of the rest of the regime, I would also highly recommend Elixir. A couple of drops deeply moisturised without feeling heavy and has such a glorious scent that despite being a daily facial oil feels like a real treat for your skin.

Lisa's Thoughts

I'm a true believer in Marie so i'm thrilled to hear how much Tahreema loved the products. The restore mask is also one of my faves. It's interesting to see how well it worked under PPE, with someone working in a mega stressful environment. thank you for all you are doing Tahreema, and I'm so pleased your skin had a wonderful treat for the past few weeks,


Kelly Dobson

About the brand by the brand

The Ole Henrikensen skincare collection is built on a product philosophy of exfoliate, treat and soothe, which originated in Ole’s Beverly Hills spa, to bring incredible, transformative results to clients all over the world. Each product in the line—from easy daily regimens to professional-strength systems—combines efficacious powerful actives, natural botanicals and essential fatty acids to address clients’ skin concerns. As a tribute to Ole’s spa heritage, intoxicating scents and luxurious textures create a total experience that delights the senses

The products sent to Kelly

Kelly's Before Pic with no makeup

Kelly's First Impressions

I really like the look of these products, nicely designed with a zingy orange theme.  They certainly brightened up my bathroom shelf.

All of the products have a tangy citrus smell apart from the eye cream which is different and I found it a little unpleasant.  

The Daily Cleanser - You only need to use a tiny amount as it lathers up very well.  It left my skin feeling super clean and not drying at all.

Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum - I do love a serum! And this just glided on the skin and sank in beautifully.

C-Rush Brightening Double Creme  -  I found this to be quite a heavy rich cream to wear in the day but persisted with it for week one.

Banana Bright Eye Creme - I found this to be a heavy consistency and not what I am used to with an eye product.

Banana Bright Face Primer - I found for a primer it didn't really work for me because it left my skin too shiny even to wear on its own.

Week 1

I was really excited to get started with these products. I loved how the cleanser and the serum, in particular, made my skin feel. The cleanser really removes everything, including mascara. The serum seems to be brightening my skin.

Week 2

Because I suffer with oily skin I found that I couldn't use the Double Creme in the day because it just left me looking like an oil slick so have just used it as a night cream.  I am still loving the Daily Cleanser and its doing what it says on the tin!

With the eye cream I only use a tiny amount in the day as it's just too rich and if I use too much my eye makeup just smudges.

I am still using the serum but it does leave me a bit shiny. Maybe this is more of a glow, but because I have oily skin I don't really feel like I need more. I've been using the primer on makeup free days.

Week 3

Continuing with all the products.  My skin feels more hydrated and the texture a little smoother especially under the eyes.

Week 4

I am still loving the cleanser...leaves my skin soft and really clean. I am only using the primer and the eye cream on days when I am at home with no makeup.

Kelly's picture after 4 weeks

The before and after picture side by side

Kelly's final thoughts

My skin on the whole feels more hydrated and the texture is smoother.  I feel there is no noticeable changes with my fine lines.   Products on the whole were too rich and left my oily skin too shiny. This meant that my makeup didn't last as long as usual.

Out of all these products I would buy the cleanser again as it is just fabulous.

I am still searching for products to help with my chip fat fryer face 😉

Lisa's thoughts

I found Kelly's review really interesting. Ole Henriksen products are renowned for adding a glow to the skin, which is why I love them. But I absolutely see why that would not work for someone with oily skin. I'm definitely going to do another review with these products with someone who suffers from dry, dull skin, as I would love to see how these results. I'm glad that Kel persisted with the products. I actually think her skin does look healthier and smoother in the after picture. So pleased she loved the cleanser as that is one of my faves.


Lisa Carroll

  • Age 37

  • Carer for her son

  • Blackheads and combination skin

  • Testing Kate Somerville

About the brand by the brand

Female founder. Skincare trailblazer. Skin Health Expert. For over two decades, Kate Somerville has been treating skin and transforming lives. In 2004, after working alongside some of the world’s top cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, Kate opened her iconic Skin Health Experts Clinic in the heart of Hollywood.

Today, she’s a trusted skincare expert for some of the world’s most discerning and photographed faces, people who make a living from looking their best. Kate’s ability to custom cocktail highly active ingredients with soothing essentials to visibly transform specific skin concerns is the art behind the science (and what keeps clients coming back!).

The products sent to Lisa

Lisa's before pic with no makeup

Lisa's first impression

The product arrived in inviting packaging with clear product descriptions and instructions which, as a newbie to skin care, (I've literally only ever used soap and water), was super helpful and lessend my anxieties and made my journey into skin care less intimidating! 

Week 1

It was a rocky start for me the Goat milk cleanse  just felt too mild. I didn't feel like it was doing anything. The smell of the products took some getting used too. It wasn't an unpleasant by any means, but it also didn't really appeal to me either. After doing some research on the brand, I guessed that this is probable because there are no nasties in the product.

Week 2

At the beginning of week 2 I had a phone consultation with the brand which was super helpful and I'd highly recommend this. They do offer consultations. After the call I purchased the foaming cleanser to replace the Goat milk. My skin is definitely showing slight signs of improvement but nothing major yet. 

Week 3

What a difference a week makes. The heat wave is in full swing and I panicked about the products sitting heavy on my skin or making it look oily, but this definitely did not happen and I was impressed. I had less of a hormonal break out than usual and my pores are definitely clearer and I have less black heads. All the dry tight skin has vanished which is amazing. My foaming face wash arrive, wow! What a difference. It's definitely the one for me.

Week 4

I still get a tingling redness after using Liquid ExfoliKate followed by Dermal quench, but that soon resides so I have persevered as it seems to be helping my skin.

Lisa's picture after 4 weeks 

The before and after pic side by side

Lisa's final thoughts

The Goat's milk cleanser was too mild for me. However, I absolutely loved the foaming cleanser. It was amazing.

I love the spray application of the Dermal quench and the mild tingle it gives my skin. It really hydrated my face and is my favourite product by far. I will be repurchasing 

Actually, I think the Oil free moisturiser was my ultimate favourite. It's hard to pick-ha! It sinks in really well and I'll also be re-purchasing this as I now can't live without it. 

I also loved the Liquid ExfoliKate. I can't believe the differnece it's made to my pores. My skin is also glowing which is a first. Let's be honest, I'll ve repurchasing this too-ha!

The one product I wasn't a fan of was the EradiKate. I didn't really see any benefit's from it, and I didn't really like the smell or the consistency.

The UncompliKated SPF spray was brilliant. So easy to use and it also seemed to keep my makeup in place for longer.

Over all I've really enjoyed my journey with these products. It was brilliant to have the 1-1 phone consultation as this helped me understand how to use the products.

My skin is glowing, my pores are minimised and lines at the side of my mouth and eyes have vanished and my make is sitting so much better. 

I love the brand so much I've started my Christmas shopping with some of their mini bundles which are great value!! 

Lisa's Thoughts

This makes me so happy! Kate Somerville is a great brand and I'm so pleased that Lisa has seen such a difference. To go from a soap and water routine, to a comprehensive skincare routine is brilliant. It seems to have made such a difference and I love that Lisa is going to stick with the products going forward.


So that's the end of this months Skinfluencers journey.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

It's given me a real insight into these products, and I hope it's done the same for you.

We'll have 4 more wonderful people testing next month.

Keep an eye on my instagram to see how to apply.

Love & lipstick,

Lisa x

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