Scentimental Fragrances

There's a quote by Christopher Poindexter that says, 'Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance.' This is so beautiful and so true. I love the memories and feelings that a scent evokes.

About a year ago, I started a series on my instagram called #AfterBath because I always apply fragrance after a bath. This may seem crazy to some, but I think we all deserve that kind of indulgence right?!

This kicked off my random descriptions which are mainly created by memories I myself had forgotten.

So for my blog this week I wanted to share my favourite fragrances, the reasons I love them and I also asked you to tell me your fragrance love stories...

To begin, I asked my good friend and all round fragrance Goddess, Alice Du Parq what fragrance means to her. In her standard eloquent way, she describes it much better than I ever could. Over to you Alice. “I often think that the perfume I'm wearing is like a tiny piece of art that someone has condensed into a scented brooch. It's taken years of training, commitment and craft to paint this stunning little aromatic masterpiece, to flood it with love, care and cultural depth and to give it its own little personality and story that you want to get lost in and share with others. That's why perfume is important: because it is art, and art is the most beautiful and important act of communication and emotion we have left in this craycray world.

Fragrance fits. No matter your age, your BMI, bank account, heritage or height; perfume is for everyone - isn't that wonderful?

I also think it's the most soul-lifting and indulgent act of ceremonial self-care and self-respect, which others get to enjoy through you too. I guess that's why my perfume cupboard is my church - it's full of gentle hymns and powerful sermons.. and a lot of naughty confessions. LET US SPRAY! ‘ This wondrous quote then inspired me to ask you guys what were your fave fragrances and why. The response was incredible so I will share some of them shortly. But firstly, here are my faves.

My Favourite Fragrances

Maison Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540 The icon that is and one that is quickly becoming my signature scent. It’s the fragrance that you’ll never regret buying. It reminds me of sitting around an outside log fire in Palm Springs whilst eating the freshest Strawberries. Divine. I get asked what fragrance I’m wearing daily when I have this on. Click here to buy.

Maison Margiela Replica fragrance in Jazz club I pretty much love every fragrance that Margiella make. They are true story tellers. For me, Jazz Club reminds me of a great night out in NYC. Click here to buy.

Juliette Has A Gun Lipstick fever Go get your favourite lipstick, smell it, that’s what this beauty smells of. Click here to buy.

Tom Ford’s Rose Prick Imagine the most beautiful, rare rose in the World, rest it in a Spicy Margarita and Voila, you have this fragrance.Click here to buy.

Chanel Le Lion Amber, leather and Vanilla joy. It’s wonderful. It reminds me of walking into a country pub with the fire burning, the smell of Barbour jackets and apple crumble and custard.Click here to buy.

Jo Malone Poppy and Barley Its like you’re walking through a poppy field eating a piece of Battenberg! Click here to buy.

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island Imagine you’re sat in a library, eating lemon cake, sipping on a hot, frothy coffee. Click here to buy.

Jimmy Choo I want Choo It’s peachy sweet and smells like a delicious cocktail. Click here to buy.

Jo Malone Midnight Musk Amber Cologne I smells like the women I used to admire in Mahiki in 2005, applying their fragrances whilst chucking on a shit load of nude gloss. Sexy, musky, gorgeous with a side of Goldschlager. Click here to buy.

Vilhelm Dear Polly It smells like a fragrant cup of tea in real china with the knowledge that next up is a Dirty Martini and a great night out. Click here to buy.

ShiseIdo Ginza Imagine being sat in a field of butterflies (bear with me) Surrounded by blossom trees, (butterflies like them). With a bowl of cherries in one hand and a candy floss in the other. Click here to buy.

Tom Ford Soleil Brulant Imagine your sat round a bonfire, on a beach in Miami. Toasting deliciously sticky marshmallows.Click here to buy.

Jo Malone Orange Peel Cologne. To me it smells like homemade marmalade spread on hot buttered toast, washed down with a glass of bitty fresh orange juice. Click here to buy.

Acqua Di Parma Bergamotto di Calabria It smells like Italy. The smell of someone grating lemon to go over your pasta on a hot summers day. It evokes a warmth and a feeling of love in me. It’s actually one of the hardest fragrances to describe as its so unique. If you love a fresh yet masculine fragrance this is for you. Click here to buy.

Diptyque Orpheon It reminds me of a wonderful night I had in Paris watching The Moulin Rouge. The stage full of show girls covered in the most beautiful make up. The smell of a mix of perfume combined with the cigar smoke from the next table. Intense but stunning. Click here to buy.

Armani Code It smells what I imagine Brad Pitt’s hair smells like. What more do you need to know?! Click here to buy.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae It reminds me of going on car trips with my Grandad. He used to always let me open the glove compartment and get out a tin of sweets. You know the round ones which had loads of white icing suggest coating them? Well to me this smells like a combination of the fresh, citrusy smell of the sweets, combined with the soft powder. Gorgeous. Click here to buy.

Acqua Di Parma Quercia God this is good. It reminds me of walking into an incredible Japanese restaurant. All the aromas of the cooking. The spices, the yuzu combined with the oaky wood of the chopsticks. It’s a show stopper. Click here to buy.

Byredo Open Sky Wow this is a beauty. It reminds me of Ibiza. It has the warmth of a hot breeze combined with the freshness of an epic G&T. Although interestingly, some people think this smells like cannabis! It doesn’t to me but that’s the beauty of fragrances. Click here to buy.

Escentric Molecules: Molecule 01 This is a ground-breaking scent as it only includes one molecule! I can’t smell it but I love wearing it as to others it smells incredible!! It’s very special. Click here to buy.

Glossier You

It’s fresh, warm and delicately beautiful. It’s how I imagine the clouds smell. Click here to buy.

Armani My Way

It’s one of those timeless fragrances. It smells like the best flower shop you’ve ever been to. Click here to buy.

Fragrance Love Stories

Now, for the best part... your favourite fragrances.

Warning! If you're like me you may want to grab a tissue before you read these BEAUTIFUL fragrance love stories. Thank you to everyone that sent me their stories, these are just a selection as I received thousands! Scroll through using the arrows. Please comment, share and tag me in your fragrance love story as I LOVE THEM! Thanks for reading. Love Lisa xx

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