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Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Four Weeks, One Brand. Honest Reviews by Real people.

Welcome back to my Skinfluencers series. I could not be more excited about this monthly series. This is about you, the community, giving genuine reviews on skincare. Every month, I will pick four of you to test out the product ranges I am sent. I only have one face - obvs - so I can't test every product. I also wanted to see how products can help different dilemmas. So I'll always pick testers from a variety of ages, ethnicity and skin types. Everything you read below is written by my wonderful team of testers. The reviews are all slightly different lengths and styles. I love that as it showcases their individual personalities. I haven't edited or adapted the pics they sent me in any way. I really hope that this gives you a real insight into a number of different brands.

Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Over to my wonderful Skinfluencers...

Meet Miranda Bizzy Earle

Business Development Manager, Age 52

Bizzy's Skin Dilemmas

Dark circles and fine lines round eyes. Loss of firmness around my mouth and jowls. Large pores on my cheeks and nose. Hormonal spots.

Product Brand Review

One Ocean Beauty - full product list below.

Bizzy's First impressions

So my first week of using the One Ocean Beauty began with trepidation. Would paring down my routine to just cleanser, mist, eye cream, oil and moisturiser be enough for me??

Let me start by telling you what my usual morning routine was - Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cleanser (sometimes with a bit of Indeed Labs Exfoliator) followed by a spritz with the Elemis Soothing Apricot toner. Then I would use the Beauty Pie Retinol face and eye cream. On top of those would go Elemis Pro Collagen day cream and either an Elemis or Decleor Eye cream - sometimes with a facial oil slipped in for good measure or maybe some Hado Labo Hyaluronic and some Vitamin C for good measure.

One Ocean Beauty Products used by Miranda Bizzy Earle - visit shop.

Bizzy's Week One

Not surprising then that the first thing I loved was the simplicity and speed of my new routine. The Cleanser was very watery and it was suggested that I used it on a cotton wool pad but I like to work a cleanser into my skin plus I am trying to move towards reusables rather than disposables, so instead I splashed it into my hands, rubbed it into my face and removed everything with a microfibre cloth. Even though it doesn't feel as if it would be nourishing my skin felt very soft after using the cleanser.

Then the mist just took it to another level. It is the most moisturising mist I have every used.

The eye cream has a very thin cream consistency but a little goes a long way. The facial oil felt nice and quickly sank in so I could apply the face cream. The face cream is not overly thick or sticky but felt very high end and the lasting effect from using all the products was how soft my skin felt.

I literally couldn't stop touching my face. And it provided a great base for my make up.

Bizzy's Week 2...

My only dislike (which is pretty minor) is the lack of fragrance - I love the way my Elemis products smell.

Week 2 and I am definitely loving my streamlined routine. The mist is my favourite product and I find myself having a spritz of it throughout the day and even using it to 'set' my make up. The skin on my face feels so soft and moisturised after using it and having checked the ingredients it doesn't have any alcohol in it. It is the one thing that I would definitely buy myself, although the price is a bit hefty.

The one thing I don't like about the range is the mumbo-jumbo pseudo science they use. I have tried reading up about the products but it is a bit vague about what is the magic ingredient that they use and calling it Blue Biotechnology just seems like some PR spin. Plus I have watched enough Caroline Hirons to get an adverse reaction to any cosmetics company that like to claim that they are 'Clean' or has claims about protecting from 'Blue light'. Plus I can't work out how they are saving the oceans. The website looks more like an advert for Conde Naste Traveller than face cream.

It is too soon to notice if there is any visible difference to my skin, but on the plus side, I have had no adverse reactions.

Bizzy's Week 3...

Week 3 and the Cleanser is still flumaxing me. I have started adding the occasional Elemis Cleansing balm into my evening routine as I am not convinced that the Cleanser alone is getting everything off. Even with a good rub with my face cloth. I think it is better suited if used like a micellar water which I would follow with a cleanser.

I have been using the Mask a couple of times a week and it feels more like a daily exfoliator I might use than a traditional mask. It has good sized granules to exfoliate and the cream that they sit in feels smooth and hydrating. Despite the instructions to leave it to dry, the mask doesn't seem to dry out for me and I just find it easier to massage into my face like an exfoliator and then rinse off. It may be because I have only used it in the bath so it is a steamy atmosphere.

Despite weekly photos and scrutiny I can't see much of a visible change to my skin. I am still getting menopausal spots and the wrinkles are still there. However, the skin does feel super soft and well moisturised.

Bizzy's Week 4...

Week 4 and as much as I have enjoyed the pared back routine, I am looking forward to slipping a few of my other products back in. But I will carry on using the One Ocean products and am interested to see if an extra bit of Retinol makes any difference; plus a thorough cleanse using the Elemis Enzyme peel and a Zelens moisture mask.

Comparing my day 1 photo with my day 28 photo there is not a huge difference but I can see some changes. There was some redness in my skin tone that I hadn't previously picked up on but I can now see as my skin looks a more even and calmer colour. The circles and fine lines around my eyes might have slightly subsided too. I can also see a visible added glow to my skin. So whilst I don't look like I am 42 again I think the One Ocean products have done my skin some good. I would like to know if you can see a difference.

Bizzy's final thoughts on her One Ocean Beauty Skincare Routine...

The products are lovely to use. There is certainly an element of luxury about their texture and I cannot express enough how soft they left my skin feeling. I will continue to use them until they run out and if I didn't have a stash of Elemis (I love a QVC TSV) I would think about buying a couple of the items again. And they will definitely stay on my radar and I will be interested to see how my skin changes once I stop using them.

Weekly bare faced selfies aren't particularly pretty but it is a good way to measure how well my skin care is working. And I do think there is a lot to be said for going back to a simpler routine - I know I was getting confused about what I should use and when, and my poor skin was having to put up with it all!!

I want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I have loved being a LPD Skinfluencer. I am sure there are plenty of others asking to be a skinfluencer but I would love to do it all again if you ever need my services.

Lots of love, Bizzy xxx

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Meet Hannah Horne

Midwifery Manager (Also qualified Mid-Wife), Age 38

Hannah's Skin Dilemmas

Spots (regular outbreaks), black heads, oily and dry skin, dark eye circles, dull, bumpy skin.

Product Brand reviewed by Hannah:

Paula's choice - see full product list below.

Hannah's First impressions

I had heard of Paula's choice so was super excited to try the products. The packaging was simple but looked great on my dresser. The products were simple - which I loved - no fake smells. It felt like serious skin care - not faddy. I was given 2 moisturisers - the day SPF was light and easily absorbed - I loved the 50 spf - the night moisturiser had a soft velvety texture - I loved applying this - I looked forward to my night time routine because of this moisturiser.

Paula's Choice Products used by Hannah Horne - visit shop.

Hannah's Week One

I was so excited to dive into my gorgeous box of goodies! I felt like I was using serious skincare and enjoyed both my morning and night routine. Previously I had been using a mix of different products and had no real skin care routine - although I religiously cleansed, toned and moisturised twice a day. I think on reflection I was scared about committing to one brand.

I loved having a set routine with clear instructions on how to use the products.

This first week I definitely used too much product, yeah SPF in your eye isn't fun!!, I had never used a moisturiser with an SPF before, after reading lots of blog posts I felt good knowing that I was finally looking after my skin properly - I slapped and slathered on each stage and my skin felt a little flooded. Despite this my skin almost instantly felt smooth, soft and started to change.

The cleanser is AMAZING!!!!! It took off everything…including Kat Von D tattoo liner and water proof mascara.

Hannah's Week Two

I started to notice that my skin looked and felt like it was glowing. I attended lots of zoom meetings – I usually wear very little make up when working remotely. I would often have colleagues and friends messaging to check that I was OK as I looked really tired or poorly…I always answered saying that I was fine and just wasn’t wearing much make up. However, instead of these messages I was overwhelmed with lovely texts saying I looked really well. I couldn’t figure it out to begin with, then realised it was because of the changes to my skin care routine. I also think that as my skin felt good to the touch – less bumpy and spotty – I felt more confident which in-turn made me happier.

Hannah's Week Three

I noticed that applying my makeup totally changed. I wear full coverage liquid foundation - prior to using Paula's choice I would spend a really long time trying to blend both the foundation and concealer. I also found that my makeup didn't last all day and would gather in certain areas (particularly around my nose) and would become patchy and dry in other areas.

However, during week three I noticed that my foundation needed much less blending and lasted all day - I didn't end the day with dry, blotchy foundation. I had always thought that it was the foundation that was letting me down when in fact it was my skin care routine.

Again, I had so many compliments on my skin and how well I looked.

I did start to struggle with the cleanser – I had been using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish previously – I liked adding the cleanser to dry skin and then adding water. The instructions explained that I should wet my face and then add the cleanser and lather it up. I decided to change the way I used it in week three…I would add to dry skin, massage it in to loosen up my makeup and then add water. This felt easier and more natural for me. I also re-introduced my muslin cloth – this really made me feel like I was having an at-home facial (I think that’s why I liked LE so much and had used cleanse and polish for years).

Hannah's Week Four

I started some hormone treatment for a gynaecological condition therefore; I started to have a few breakouts….this was a side effect of the treatment. However, these breakouts were different – they were small and contained. My skin continued to glow and covering these spots was easy. I noticed that all the blackheads I had around my nose area were gone…again, I thought these were normal. Now as my skin is much clearer I know that they were not normal.

My skin looks much brighter – I think my dark circles are less dark – I am certainly using much less concealer.

Hannah's final thoughts on her Paula's Choice Skincare Routine...

I really feel that I understand my skin better than ever before. Using Paula’s choice was like having a total skin reset – my confidence has grown and as a result I am using less foundation and enjoying many more makeup free days.

I will probably find another SPF moisturiser as the way my eyes sting is frustrating but I will replace all the other products!

The first few weeks of the trial I used the products exactly as I had been told to however, as I grew in confidence I decided that I wanted to use the products in the way that I like (for example the cleanser) The whole routine is easy to use and doesn’t take long – as a busy full time working mum I have very little me time – I honestly, just can’t believe how different my skin looks and feels.

At 38 I have been buying cleansers, toners and moisturisers for years and never experienced such a holistic improvement in my skin and more importantly my confidence.

Lots of love, Hannah xxx

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Meet Jenny Al-Radhi

Personal Assistant, Age 48

Jenny's Skin Dilemmas

Hyperpigmentation around my mouth & chin. Dark circles around my eyes.

Product Brand reviewed by Jenny:

Sunday Riley - see full product list below.

Jenny's First impressions

Loved the packaging and branding. It definitely reflected the premium cost to the product.

Sunday Riley Products used by Jenny Al-Radhi - visit shop.

Jenny's Week One

My initial thoughts were that there were quite a lot of products to incorporate into my daily skin care routine especially given the fact that I barely have any previous skincare regime!

Blue Moon Clean-Rinse Cleansing Balm - not a smooth consistency but on application it's texture whilst visibly grainy it is not abrasive.

Ceramic Slip Cleanser - I was expecting this cleanser to produce a lather when it hit contact with water - but it's rich and creamy.

Auto Correct - Eye Contour Cream - I don't have any experience of using eye creams so it's difficult too compare as I had no expectations

Good Genes - Glycolic Acid - lightweight in texture - directed to use at night time only

A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum - thin lightweight liquid - super absorbent - used both day and night

CEO Glow - Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil - orange coloured citrus orange scented - although an oil this didn't sit heavy on top of my skin

CEO - Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream - this is a rich thick cream and my immediate thoughts that this would be too heavy for daytime use

Jenny's Week Two

I loved the double cleanse – a new concept for me but my skin really appreciated and embraced this. The cleansing balm has small globules within it which I wasn’t a massive fan of – because when I worked the product into my skin it didn’t really breakdown. I am not sure what the ingredients is and what its purpose is. The Ceramic Slip however I will definitely purchase going forward, not only is it an excellent price point but the product itself is 1st class! A cream like cleanser when rinsed off with warm water you could see the brightness of my skin. Whilst my skin felt clean there was no tightness which I was expecting – moisture is still held within the skin. I also started to see a marked difference in clarity in my complexion and the texture felt and looked smoother.

Jenny's Week Three

My skin started to look brighter versus the dull, grey and sallow. I noticed that my skin was really ‘drinking up’ the products. This was more so around my cheeks and could have benefited from something else light and not oil based.

Jenny's Week Four

Now I don’t know whether my skin is purging or there is an irritant within one of the products but I have started to a few bumps in between my nose and cheeks. I was hoping that I may have begun to see some changes with my hyperpigmentation on my chin but as this is definitely my worst area. I think it is apparent from the photos that there has been some changes to my forehead.

Jenny's final thoughts on her Sunday Riley Skincare Routine...

To conclude after just 4 weeks of using the products I would say I am happy with the direction in which the results are going in in combatting my hyperpigmentation. I will continue to use the products as directed.

Would I buy all of the products again? Not all but I would definitely purchase the Ceramic Slip – I’d even go as far as to say that I would recommend to my 69 year old Mother who is for the 1st time embarking on her skincare journey. My other favourites would be Good Genes and the CEO Oil.

Lots of love, Jenny xxx

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