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Ok, let’s talk interiors. One of my all time favourite topics. My dream would be to, one day, own an interiors consultancy business. There’s nothing better than injecting a ray of colour into a dark room, or a layer of texture onto a boring sofa. It’s the transformation that gives me such a buzz.  Don’t get me wrong, any type of redecorating or renovating can be stressful, but you always have to focus on the results. 


Theo and I have lived in our home together for 15 years, Theo’s lived in it his whole life (long story)! It’s taken all those years to get our house to where it is today. There’s been in-between stuff, and disasters. Like the time I painted our bathroom bright red just because. Not exactly the most calming colour to relax in. Money was always a huge restriction. Our house is Victorian so it had a lot of problems due to age. The kitchen ceiling fell down 3 times, once on Hamish, Theo’s brothers head. Don’t worry, he’s ok. So even though you may have only seen beautiful pics of our home on insta, it has been a process. One full of love mind you. 

inside my home

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Well this was exciting!

 I was asked by one of my fave homeware shops, Rockett St George. To create my A dream Christmas table using their beautiful products.


Click here for more info.

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I adore this full length mirror in our bedroom. It’s wider than the standard size and has a gorgeous thin gold metal edging. I much prefer leaning large mirrors against walls rather than handing them. I think it looks cooler and it also gives you a better reflection. 

Mirror from Melody maison 

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I love dried flowers. I find them extremely beautiful. Hydrangeas are my fave when dried. And it’s so simple. Just leave them in a vase of water and let the water run dry. Doing it this way will help them hold their colour. Leave them in the vase until they have completely dried out. 

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If in doubt, go pink! How gorgeous does our up cycled front door look?! I designed the stain glass and got a traditional stained glass maker to make it. I love it!

Door colour dulux Adobe pink 2

Glass makers 


This is the exact reason I wanted a disco ball in our bedroom. Look at the gorgeous vibe it adds when the light hits. Can’t wait to push the bed out of the way and have a few parties up here! 

Disco ball from eBay 


My haven. Inspired by a birds eye view of the Great Barrier Reef - this was a biatch to do! 4 months , half a bedroom lost, 6 months of tile searching, a hell of a lot of money, and approximately 482 cups of coffee for my builders - in the end it was all worth.


Our guest room is inspired by a New York loft apartment.

We love it so much we occasionally  sleep in there ourselves.  The pastel, Egyptian cotton linen is from my faves at Rockett St George. The gorgeous workmen’s bench was a bargain from Sunbury market, and we’ll talk about the hand painted wall paper and 1920’s Parisian chandelier another time. Note the record player, there’s a great selection of Prince records on rotation. And did I mention that the drawers are full of beauty products for our guests?! Hands up if you want to come and stay!!


This is one of my favourite corners (and Diddy’s apparently)! It’s full of memories. Note the layers of photo frames on the top shelf. These are full of my family and friends. You may have noticed the photobooth strip style. This is basically a trick of mine to get more shots in the frame. I got these done at Photbox for £2! The Dance sign is from our wedding. More about that another time. And the vase is a gem I found at Sunbury antiques market. The arm chair is from


Introducing my log of joy. Actually inspired by my Auntie Deb, this silver birch log, found by my uncle Ian in a park in Arundel, is one of my favourite things in my home. I change the dried flowers seasonally. It’s my very own art installation. The feathered crown on the wall behind is actually an tribal head mask from Africa. Note the texture of the paint too. I’m pointing this out as it was the most expensive paint we’ve ever bought, but I adore it. Inspired by the plaster walls of a riad in Marrakech, the application was a labour of love that included a spatula. The details are always worth spending time on.


I’m not going to lie, this is one of my greatest finds ever and I can’t even remember where I found it! I googled the shit out of ‘beautiful, unique, handprinted wallpaper’, and this was the result. People walk into this room and are immediately drawn to touching the wall. And nope, it’s not textured, but it sure looks like it. The table was made by our pal Ed, for our 10th anniversary, and the cabinet was my grandad's drinks cabinet that i painted with Annie Sloane paint in shade Paris Grey. The plants are from Patch plants, and they’re still alive, years later. Can I get a medal?! The chair is from Rockett st George, and the Disco ball was from a bar in Soho. Let’s just say my friend persuaded the DJ to let me have it ;)

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Introducing the sofa of dreams. For years we had a camel coloured John Lewis sofa bed that we bought with our wedding vouchers. It was fine, but this one is special.So although this Loaf beauty was spenny, its was worth it. We went for the extra large Bagsie In the Strong grey clever woolly fabric, this stops the dogs ruining it. The choice of cushions are key. Work from big to small, outside in, and then end with an accent cushion in the centre. Odd numbers are best. 


Oh the beauty room, the newest conquest. I decided this needed a facelift after I went freelance realised how much time I would spend in it. I have an incredible builder, Luan, who can basically make anything. He hand made all of these incredible drawers and cupboards. I couldn’t love it more.The paint colour is Night jewels 2 from Dulux, and the handles were from Ebay. If you need me, I’ll be chilling in here.

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