Meet The C-List

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you’ll have probably heard me mention a secret project that I’ve been working on for the past six months with my incredible friend Helen Addis aka @thetittygritty. I’m so bloody excited that I can finally share with you our passion project, The C-List, the first ever beauty shop for people going through cancer! We officially launched the website on ITV’s Lorraine on Thursday 4th February, as it was World Cancer Day. It’s been such an epic project, much more work that we ever imagined. Initially we literally thought we were just going to write a physical list of products and post it somewhere. That quickly turned into this amazing site. The hard work has been well worth it.

What is the C-List?

If you’ve not yet heard of The C-List let me tell you a little more about it. We’ve worked alongside trusted brands and leading Dermatologists and Oncologist's to curate the list of products you’ll find on the C-List. The beautiful thing about the C-List is you’ll find some World-renowned brands like Victoria Beckham Beauty and Elizabeth Arden as well as smaller (but equally amazing) brands such as Lolas Lashes and Marie Reynolds. Most exciting of all is that we can now say with pride that there is now a site where you can go to for cancer-kinder beauty products that isn’t just baby lotion – this brings both me and Helen so much joy. And just to be clear, we ALWAYS recommend checking with your Doctor before using any of the products as everyone is different. And be reassured that A lot of research has gone into this project, from us and the brands involved.

One of the most important things to Helen and I was that The C-List would be more than just a beauty shop for those going through cancer, we wanted it be a community space. A place to be inspired and to share stories. Helen talks about and shares her experiences of things like ‘How to tell the kids you have cancer’. Whilst I will be sharing makeup tutorials as well as beauty tips and tricks to help you feel the best you can, and get the most out of the products. The C-List aims to wipe out the feeling of alienation of going into a store and not being catered to.

How did it all start?

Well we came up with the idea of The C-List during an Instagram live back in July. Helen told me about how stressful it was to know which products to use after she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. And, for anyone that’s been diagnosed with cancer, or had a friend or family member diagnosed, you will know how difficult it is to find “Cancer-kinder” beauty products. We literally couldn’t bear the thought of another person feeling the way Helen had felt that day. I mean if, like me, you’re Gluten free, there are shelves of stuff for you, and everything is colour co-ordinated making it easy to find. However, if you have cancer, and 1 in 2 of us will get a diagnosis at some point in our lives unfortunately, there is nothing out there. Well there is now!

Helen's cancer experience was invaluable to this project. I’ve worked with the likes of The Teenage Cancer trust and Look Good Feel better for years, so I have seen the effects of cancer on skin. But Helen has been through it first hand. From the dryness to the dullness, the nail thinning, the hair loss. She experienced it all. Her Doctor told her that she would need to rethink her bathroom cabinet and makeup bag when she was receiving treatment. And this is absolutely true. You need to make sure you’re using products suitable for sensitive skin. That you’re cutting out certain ingredients and acids BUT this doesn’t have to mean that you still can’t feel like you. One of the most powerful things Helen told me was that she needed her War paint more than ever when fighting cancer. This really resonated with me as I truly believe that makeup isn’t just about the way it makes you look, it’s also about how it makes you feel. So if you’re going through a shit time, chucking on your red lipstick can empower you instantly. So, we combined forces and The C-List was created!!!!

The magical team that created The C-List campaign

I am so grateful to my friends in the beauty community. Off the whim we decided that we needed campaign images, and 48hrs later we were shooting.

I have to mention the beautifully inspiring women that are featured in the campaign images; @mikhailacorbetthassit, @jenncronje, @doctorsgetcancertoo. All who have or have had Cancer, you’ll be able to read their incredible stories on the C-List.

Both Helen and I will be forever grateful to the amazing team that came together at the last minute to create this magic, they’re all such talented individuals:

Photographer @claireharrisonphotos Makeup and Creative direction-Me Hair @alexpriceglam Floral design @hazelgardinerdesign Flowers supplied by @auctiondirectflowers Lunch by @itsuofficial

In regards to giving back, all of the profits made from affiliate links on the site will go back into the community. We will be treating someone every month to a well deserved treat with that dollar.

All in all, I’m so proud to be part of changing the image of cancer. No depressing images here or on The C -List. Just LIFE. PURE LIFE. Cherish it every god damn day.

Finally, THANK YOU for all the overwhelming L💜VE on The C List so far. Both Helen and I have cried a LOT with happiness, exhaustion and pride over these past couple of weeks. Please share the site with anyone who needs it. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. So much love to you all💜

Love & Lipstick,

Lisa xx

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