My Bath time essentials

You asked for it, so here it is. All the products I love in my bath. Jump right in!

It's fair to say, I love a bath. I have one every day. Always have. I didn't have a shower growing up. Just that bloody rubber hose thing that you use to attached to the taps... you know the ones I mean. Too much pressure and it would fly off slapping you round the face and drenching the walls. Theo and I didn't have a shower until about 10 years ago. And even when we did get one, we were so used to baths, we hardly used it.

There's something about having a bath at the end of your day. It's a few minutes of relaxation and self care. Sometimes I'm in the bath for 10 minutes, sometimes it's a full hour. It depends what mood I'm in and how much time I have. Obvs we don't have kids, so we have a bit more time than people who do. But kids or no kids, I highly recommend treating yourself to a soak at least once a week.

When I started to post some of my bath time products during lockdown, you guys hit up my DM's. Mainly because I mix and match products, just like I do with my skincare. It's my favourite thing to do. I tend to add bubbles and a bath milk to the water, and add an oil onto my skin before I get in the tub.

Here all my go-to's at the moment.


Come on, bubbles are the best thing about a bath. I've been known to over do it on the bubbleage on occasion. See the below evidence from a hotel in NYC. Ha!

Talking of hotels, I always, always, ask for a room with a bath. Even if you prefer a shower at home, a hotel is the perfect time to indulge in the tub.

This is me in Soho house Barcelona! Who wouldn't want a bath outside?! *Gets rid of Theo's BBQ and replaces with outdoor tub*

When it comes to bubbles en masse, honestly nothing beats a bottle of Radox. Is it going to make your skin feel soft and smooth? Probs not. But will it surround you with the joy of foamy bubbles? Absolutely. So if I see a bottle on offer at Boots for a quid, in my basket it goes. Oh, and before you ask, I always go for the lavender one.

Laura Mercier bubble bath £41

(Pic by ASOS)

Now, if you want to go boujee, this bubble bath is the bomb. At £41 it's bloody expensive but, if you ask me, worth every penny. It smells incredible and creates, what I would call, a delicate bubble. It comes with a wooden spatula, I usually run about 3 of these dipped in the product, under the tap. It leaves your skin feeling amazing and is just an all round dream. Get it on the Christmas list immediately!

The Elemis skin nourishing bath milk £46

This is another fave. I love Elemis products and this is a winner. It doesn't create a huge amount of bubbles, but it does create some which is why it's in this category. It smells like a spa and leaves your skin feeling as soft as a baby's bum. This is because it's full of delicious ingredients such as Japanese camellia oil and Oat extract. Another high price point, but it lasts for ages as you only need a cap full.

Bath soaks

These are products that turn into a milky consistency in the bath. they usually start as granules.

Soapsmith London £25

This is, without doubt, one of my best beauty finds during lockdown. I have never had a bath product that makes the entire house smell as divine as this one does. These products are inspired by London and made in London. They are an amazing price, £25. I say this is amazing for a few reasons. Firstly, the tubs are big, 500ml, so they last for ages. Secondly, they are fully recyclable and would look beautiful in any bathroom. Thirdly, the ingredients are all natural. So for £25, you're getting a LOT of goodness. I've tried them all, and I have to say that Bloomsbury is my fave. It includes fresh roses, honeysuckle, primrose and peony. I can't even tell you how incredible it smells, but I'm sure you can imagine it from those ingredients. You also get bits of the dry flowers in the pot which just adds to the vibe. Each pot comes with a wooden scoop, I put two of these in every bath. Honestly, if you want to treat yourself to one thing, this is it.

Organic Pharmacy Cleopatra's milk £40

(Pic from Twitter. Photographer unknown)

This is another product that helps to bring the spa to your bathroom. Again, it's 100% natural and includes rose petals. Forget SW London, I'm transported to Bali when I chuck this in the tub. It also leaves your skin soft with a lovely floral smell. A lovely treat from a great company.

Weleda Bath Milks £15

I get through these like nobody's business! I actually rate all of the scents. I love the Pine revive when I've done a lot of exercising as I feel like it really revitalises my body. It's also great if you haven't got time to feel tired as it really wakes up your senses.

The Lavender milk is perfect for relaxation. It smells like your are walking through a lavender field and it's just perfect before bed time.

Bath oils

Potentially my favourite addition to any bath. I use to pour them directly into the bath until I was taught the correct method by the guys at Aromatherapy associates. Basically, the best way to use bath oils is to take a cap full, rub it into your chest before you get into the bath, cup your hands over you mouth a breath in the aroma of the essential oils, and then get into you bath and shower. I swear this has revolutionised my baths. Not only does it mean I'm making the most of the product, it also means I feel more relaxed. Essential oils are brilliant for wellness, so I highly recommend adding them to your bath or shower routine.

Aromatherapy associates £49

Let's start with these considering I now know how to use them correctly! AA have been a longtime fave of mine. They really are a magnificent combo of incredible oils to help lift any mood, or wind you down at the end of a long day. It's really hard to pick a favourite as I genuinely love them all.

The De-stress oil is always one that I reach for at the end of a crazy day (which is quite often)! The 100% natural formulation contains a blend of ethically sourced Frankinscence, Petigrain (This name always makes me think of Peter Petigrew in Harry Potter-anyone else?! Ha!), and Wild camomile.

A new fave is the Power of optimism Rose oil. As you may or may not know, I love the smell of roses. It's very nostalgic for me as it reminds me of all the wonderful years I had in my Nan and Grandad's back garden. This formulation is made with Warm Damask rose. This is known to be a natural anti-depressant. It's also combined with Geranium and Palmarose which are known to uplift your spirits. These last few months have been crazy. The majority of us have felt some kind of underlying stress, it's only natural in a bloody global pandemic! So don't be hard on yourself, instead, pamper yourself.

I know these oils are pretty expensive at £49, (I'm really trying to get a #Delboypotter code for you)! That's because of the incredible ingredients that go into each bottle. However, they do last for ages if used in the correct way.

I also love their shower oils FYI (basically a luxurious body wash). These cost £26 and are gorgeous. And there is a fab