Skinfluencers Part Five

Four Weeks, One Brand. Honest Reviews by Real people.

We're starting the new year with our first #Skinfluencers of the year. If you're looking for a new skincare routine to try then check out these real reviews from real people. I've said it before but I'll say it again, this feature is about you, the community, giving genuine reviews on skincare. Every few months I pick three of you to test out the product ranges I am sent. I only have one face - obvs - so I can't test every product. I also wanted to see how products can help different dilemmas. So I'll always pick testers from a variety of ages, ethnicity and skin types. Everything you read below is written by my wonderful team of testers. The reviews are all slightly different lengths and styles. I love that as it showcases their individual personalities. I haven't edited or adapted the pics they sent me in any way. I really hope that this gives you a real insight into a number of different brands.

Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Over to my wonderful Skinfluencers..

  • Rubina Latif reviews FaceGym skincare routine

  • Louise Donovan reviews Elemis skincare routine

  • Helen Barnard reviews SkinCeuticals skincare routine

Meet Rubina Latif

Facialist, Age 55

Rubina's Skin Dilemmas

Pigmentation, Sensitivity, Dryness, Dehydration and Ageing.

Product Brand Review

Rubina has been using FaceGym products - shop the products here.

  1. Electro-Lite Brightening Face Cleanser

  2. Active Blast Collagen Bootcamp

  3. Hydro-Bound Hydrating Face Serum

  4. Supreme Restructure Firming Moisturiser

About FaceGym: Face Gym is the first of its kind and a unique facial fitness experience. Think of FaceGym as a complete gym workout for your face. They combine powerful kneading movements with innovative tools, cutting-edge technology, and performance skincare to tone and tighten the 40+ forgotten muscles of the face.

Rubina's First impressions

I loved the packing, simple, crisp, and clean, with hints of red. All the products come with a QR code which takes you to the Face Gym website, takes you to a short video, and shows you how to apply effectively. Excellent idea. The Supreme Restructure Moisturiser comes in a plastic pot, which goes into a substantial metal container, so refillable, and very elegant in my bathroom cabinet!

FACEGYM Products used by Skinfluencer Rubina Latif - visit shop.

Rubina's Week One

The Electro-Lite cleanser was my first product in the morning, it is designed for energising and brightening. It doesn’t really have any aroma, which I prefer, and doesn’t really foam too much. It cleansed my skin without making it feel drier, and the exfoliating grains were tiny, so great for more sensitive skin. I did try this after wearing makeup, but it wasn’t enough, so ideally use a cleanser for removing make up first.

I then moved onto the Hydro-Bound serum. I loved how watery it was. Serums that are watery really sink into the skin for ultimate hydration, and my menopausal, parched skin loved this.

Next the Supreme Restructure moisturiser. I have been a Beauty Advisor/ Facialist for 37 years, and I can honestly say that this may be my most favourite moisturisers. It is delectable! (please don't eat it! ). It has a silky, smooth texture, and only a little is needed. The hydration from this product is sensational. In the evening I added the Active Blast spheres to my routine. They come individually, in little red pods, and you add the Hydro-Bound to melt them. I loved watching the little sphere dissolve. I was concerned as the mix felt very sticky when I applied it, but this went after applying the moisturiser. It made my skin feel much firmer, and oh so hydrated

Rubina's Week Two...

The hydration of my skin is so much better, and it looks more refreshed. I have had no redness at all from any of the products, which is great. I am not using the cleanser twice a day, as my skin can be sensitive, so I am sticking to a cream cleanser at night, especially to remove makeup.

Rubina's Week Three...

The pigmentation around my mouth is defiantly looking better, and my skin doesn’t look as tired anymore, especially after a long day at work. I am so in love with the moisturiser, and Hydro-Bound.

Rubina's Week Four...

It's been so busy with socialising, and working, yet my skin is gleaming. Normally it would start to look dull, and grey, but not now. I even got comments from my husband and colleagues at work. It always feels soft, and supple, and the pigmentation is definitely less obvious. My skin looks fresher and that is always a good thing at my age.

Rubina's final thoughts on her Face Gym Skincare Routine...

I am super impressed with these products. I have had access to some of the finest skincare over the years and have found a new favourite range. I will be using the Face Gym Hydro-Bound, and the Supreme Restructure forever I think. My skin absolutely loved this. It sunk right in, leaving my skin hydrated all day, and that’s a huge challenge as I work in Liberty, and the environment can be very dehydrating due to the air-con/heating.

My skin has gone through so much with illness and hormonal changes, it's been a huge challenge to find products that work. Thank you to Lisa, and Dawn for letting me discover this range. Yes, I love it!!

Lots of love, Rubina x

Click here to shop the FaceGym products used in Rubina's routine.

Meet Louise Donovan

Business Support Team Leader, Age 29

Louise's Skin Dilemmas

Combination skin with dry areas, spots and larger pores.

Product Brand Review

Louise has been using Elemis products - shop the products here.

  1. Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

  2. Pro-Collagen Renewal Serum

  3. Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30

  4. Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

  5. Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash

About Elemis:

Elemis is a skin wellness brand with an aromatherapist’s soul, an artist’s spirit, and a scientist’s commitment to results. An innovative and global British skincare brand with over 30 years of expertise and available in over 45 countries. All Elemis products are developed in our ELEMIS Innovation Hub in London

Louise's First impressions

Sleek packaging and product casing. The silver lids are really pretty and also double up as a mirror if you’ve forgotten yours! I love the smell of all of the products. The majority have a floral scent but I love the cleansing balm it has hints of honey with some zesty orange in there. I’m also glad it come with a little cleansing cloth as I was about to use an old flannel that’s not worthy of this product! The serum also smells fresh and gorgeous. It has a lovely consistency. Looking forward to trying the products out!

Elemis Products used by Louise Donovan - visit shop.

Louise's Week One

After getting into the routine I found the steps really simple to follow and have found my skin has more of a glow and I can see that my dry skin has cleared up. I still have some spots but I feel like I do not have as many especially around my chin area.

The only thing that I had an issue with was the pro-collagen cleansing balm. I do have quite sensitive skin and I tried to leave it on for 10mins to do a nourishing cleanse however I ended up coming out in a rash on my neck so have vetoed the neck usage but beyond that it’s lovely!

Louise's Week Two...

My spots have mostly cleared up completely now. My skin is feeling very soft and refreshed after every use and I’m finding my pores seem clearer and not as obvious now.

The only issue I have found is when I now put my makeup on I become quite oily after a while which wasn’t an issue before. But my makeup does glide onto my skin so much better.

Louise's Week Three...

I have had an influx of spots this week, though these weren’t related to use of the product I felt like it helped to calm my spots very quickly and not let them get so aggressive like they usually do. The dryness which usually comes with my spots hasn’t happened and my skin still feels very smooth and soft.

Something to be mindful for anyone who has facial piercings like myself is remember to be extra careful around your piercings as I have developed an irritation bump on my nose piercing (one of them!) it’s nothing major but just something to be mindful of. I’d take an irritation bump any day over the mess that was my face before!

Louise's Week Four...

My spots cleared up really quickly after the outbreak and I do think that’s down to cleansing and washing my face with these products morning and night.

My skin hasn’t had any dry patches after my spots which it usually does so has made a big difference, especially when wearing make up, there’s no uneven textures so is a confidence boost - thanks to these products!

Louise's final thoughts on her Elemis Skincare Routine...

Overall my skin just feels more healthy and has a glow to it, whenever I touch my face it feels soft whereas before it was dry and flakey. I like the routine of doing this both morning and evening because it helps to wake me up and feel fresh / wind down and feel rested.

The products themselves smell great, in the past I’ve used products that almost smell chemically and have to rethink putting it on my skin but these look, smell and feel soothing on the skin.

I think I will have to purchase top ups of these after they run out as I’ve found a skincare routine I’m finally happy with!

Lots of love, Louise x

Click here to shop the products used in Louise's Elemis skincare routine.

Meet Helen Barnard

Financial Analyst, Age 39

Helen's Skin Dilemmas

I suffer with dry skin, dry patches in places due to eczema flare-ups, I have had eczema all my life, Over the past few years I have noticed my skin is starting to look old, yet at almost 40, I still get the occasional spot. Plus, ever so embarrassed to say, but I have sun damage on my cheeks. And since these have become more prominent I do use a high SPF when I go on holiday.

Product Brand Review

Helen has been using SkinCeutical skincare products - shop the products here.

About SkinCeutical: SkinCeutical's skincare philosophy is centred on three main pillars: Prevent, Protect and Correct. These principles work synergistically to provide the healthier-looking skin, and effective anti-ageing results.

Helen's First impressions

I was super excited to be the chosen one to sample some luxurious products. I am always so cautious with what I put on my skin but knew this was a great opportunity to give it a whirl and I read up about the product before I put anything on my face. The packaging was great, the bottles have a science lab look to them.

There didn't seem to be much information provided on the boxes, and very little information on the bottles themselves. Luckily Dawn had sent directions on what to use and in which order. Small bottles, with a pipette for measurements and saving on waste. All of the products seem to smell very sweet.

SkinCeutical Beauty Products used by Helen Barnard - visit shop.

Helen's Week One

I was so excited to get started with these products, my partner noticed the length of time getting ready to go to 'office' had increased as it is usually just some moisturiser rubbed all over my face and a few dabs of eye cream.

The C E Ferulic is quite watery, the Blemish + Age Defense is a lovely rich oil and the HA Intensifier is a rich cream. They all soak into the skin well. I did feel nervous making a start on these products, both the C E Ferulic and Blemish + Age Defense bottle do come with a warning that there may be a slight tingling sensation, I imagined being like Kevin in Home Alone when I put it on my face, but it was nothing like that, just a little tingle, if that, probably more refreshing than anything and it soon subsided. The HA Intensifier is such a treat to massage into my face and neck, the serum just feels so soft and gentle on my skin. It melted in so easily and left my skin feeling so soft.

My skin certainly felt softer and more hydrated towards the end of the week, less dry and the dry patch which I suffer with on my eyebrow was clearing, with less redness around the area.

Helen's Week Two...

Week two gets good.... I ventured out for my covid booster and the nurse could not believe I was almost 40 and asked what my secret was! Then, my mum (who never gives compliments unless absolutely necessary and had no idea that I was part of LPD's skinfluencer trials), complimented me on my skin and how lovely it looked and how well I looked. She couldn't believe my dry eyebrow had started to clear up. As you can imagine I was over the moon with this.

My skin is definitely looking more radiant and hydrated and it just feels so soft and smooth. The dry eyebrow problem is continuing to improve and also this time of year I suffer with dry lips and dryness/cracks around the edges of my lips, which again, feel soft and hydrated. I can't say that I have noticed my pigmentation has changed at all, it isn't as prominent in the winter months, nor can I say that any wrinkles have started to disappear.

Helen's Week Three...

We had a boozy weekend in Manchester this week, late nights and a few beers, and mulled wine, it is Christmas after all! This would usually lead to dry, tired, pale looking skin which takes a few days to recover. But I packed all my lotions and potions and my skin looked and felt great. Mandatory mask wearing had just been re-introduced which I noticed earlier on in the year did tend to dry out my skin, I did get a few spots but I don't expect SkinCeuticals to be miracle workers. They can hydrate my skin, but they can't control Mother Nature.

Helen's Week Four...

Enjoying being able to use these products still and have plenty left. My favourite is the HA Intensifier as I have mentioned before it soaks into the skin so well and smells so sweet. My skin is still feeling and looking great. Any hormonal breakouts have just about cleared from the previous week.

I think I would say that my wrinkly skin has started to flatten out, my skin feels more plump and just so soft and so smooth. Like baby soft skin, just SO soft. The dark and cold winter months usually make me want to reach out for the foundation and cause even more dryness to my skin, it is great to feel confident with my skin.

Helen's final thoughts on her SkinCeutical's Skincare Routine...

My skin just looks and feels so hydrated, it has a glow about it now and I feel as though I look less tired. The older-aged looking areas around my eyes and my mouth are more plump and my dry eyebrow doesn't look as red and sore as it did before.

The pigmentation/sun damage has definitely faded and I promise to continue to look after my skin from the sun (at all times of the year going forward).

I think my only disappointment from the products is that my neck still has visible lines, I think this is from over use of steroid creams over the years of eczema flare-ups and not a true representation of the SkinCeuticals products because I have definitely noticed differences and improvements elsewhere.

The good news is, I still have some of the products left and I did get some more of the Ultra Facial UV Defense for Christmas.

Thank you to Lisa and Dawn, and SkinCeutical's for allowing me to use these products.

Lots of love, Helen x

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