Skinfluencers Part Four

Four Weeks, One Brand. Honest Reviews by Real people.

Skinfluencers is back again, more real reviews from real people. I've said it before but I'll say it again, this feature is about you, the community, giving genuine reviews on skincare. Every few months I pick three of you to test out the product ranges I am sent. I only have one face - obvs - so I can't test every product. I also wanted to see how products can help different dilemmas. So I'll always pick testers from a variety of ages, ethnicity and skin types. Everything you read below is written by my wonderful team of testers. The reviews are all slightly different lengths and styles. I love that as it showcases their individual personalities. I haven't edited or adapted the pics they sent me in any way. I really hope that this gives you a real insight into a number of different brands.

Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Over to my wonderful Skinfluencers..

Meet Nisha Patel

Data Analyst, Age 23

Nisha's Skin Dilemmas

Acne scarring and dark circles on eyes.

Product Brand Review

Nisha has been using Wo Skincare products - shop the products here.

  1. Wo Daily Base Revive Oil

  2. Wo Power TonIQ Eye Contour Perfecting Essence

About Wo Skincare: Taking inspiration from ancient Eastern philosophy of self-improvement and balance, founder Karen created Wǒ, meaning, 'I' or 'myself' in Mandarin, and sought to bring innovative skincare that didn't put people into boxes, but celebrated difference.

Nisha's First impressions

I really like the fact that they come in capsules for each use. This means that you know exactly how much to use and also it is very convenient for if you are going away for a night, just pack a capsule in your bag rather than having to take a whole bottle of something. You also don’t have to worry about leaks. This is by far my favourite think about these products. The smell of the products reminded me of sun cream!

Wo Beauty Products used by Skinfluencer Nisha Patel - visit shop.

Nisha's Week One

Again, I really like the packaging in capsules as it is very convenient. I also like the fact that there is not a very obvious smell to the products. The consistency of the products is very runny and the nature of the product means that it is an oily consistency, I personally prefer products without that consistency.

I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin so far but eager to carry on with the products.

Nisha's Week Two...

Just to provide some context on my week, I had a close family wedding to attend and Indian weddings have numerous events spread across 3-4 days. This meant that I was wearing makeup for 4 days almost all day and some days two different make up looks.

Firstly, I found that using this products as a base to my make up gave a really nice glow to the skin and helped my make up sit better which was really helpful given the really warm weather we were experiencing.

Secondly, I was quite concerned about my skin drying out due to taking off make constantly using make up wipes and then reapplying make up and going through the same process over and over again. However, the revive oil worked wonders for this, during these days I used an extra one, so I used in the morning before applying make up and then again once I had taken off my make up before reapplying and then once again in the evening after taking of my make up for the final time. This was an absolute life saver as my skin didn’t dry out once!

I have mentioned this before but the convenience of the product made my life so easy as the wedding was up north and I needed to pack a bag for over a week. Packing the capsules I needed for that time didn’t take up much space at all and meant that I had plenty of space for everything else as I didn’t have bulky bottle of product to worry about. Very travel friendly!

This has certainly helped keep my skin hydrated and give a really nice glow underneath make up and made a really great base.

Nisha's Week Three...

With the weather getting hotter and more humid, the oily texture of these products hasn’t been the best. With these kind of weather conditions my skin is quite oily and sweaty which is why I had reservation about the products texture to begin with. Unfortunately, the weather has confirmed my thoughts that this texture isn’t the most ideal for these weather conditions, I felt like it led to my face feeling over oily and sweaty and made me feel like I needed to cleanse my face more often. The eye contour essence isn’t as oily as the revive oil but again I guess that is to be expected by the nature of the products.

If I am being honest this is really the only negative aspect about the products but I am aware that this is only the base and there are different types of bases so I can’t speak for every product as a whole.

Nisha's Week Four...

Focusing more on the eye essence, as I realise I haven’t said much about it so far! I sometimes use the product in the morning or the evening depending on how I am feeling and what I have to do in the day. I have to say I really love putting this on it is so soothing and hydrating. I find the skin around my eyes drys out way more often that the rest of my face and this definitely helped combat that. I also loved using this in the morning if I was feeling tired and especially if I had meetings as it definitely freshens up your under eyes and makes you look way more awake.

This product has definitely helped with making me look more awake, reducing puffy eyes and hydrating my skin around the eyes but I personally am not convinced or sure if it has had an effect on the darkness of my under eyes.

Nisha's final thoughts on her Wo Skincare Routine...

In all honesty these products are really great, the packaging for me is such a big thing as I have mentioned plenty of times!

On the revive oil, I am happy with the benefits of using this when I was putting my skin to war for the wedding as it really did help, however the consistency of the product just wasn’t my favourite thing so if I was to use these products again I think I would use a different base for sure.

On the Eye Contour Essence, I really loved this product actually and don’t really have a bad thing to say about it other than I’m not sure it affected the colour of my under eyes. But it definitely helped me look and feel refreshed and hydrated for all of those early morning meetings.

I love the ease of use of the products and how they come in sizes ready for each use.

Overall verdict, I would use again but with a different base than the one I used.

Lots of love, Nisha x

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Meet Joanne McFaul

IT Manager, Age 37

Joanne's Skin Dilemmas

Redness, sensitivity, fine lines and dryness

Product Brand Review

Joanne has been using Scientia Skincare products - shop the products here.

  1. Peachy Clean - Milky Oil Cleanser

  2. Peach & Glow - Hydra Skin Tonic

  3. Notox - Youth Boost Eye Serum

  4. Green Supreme - CBD Vegi-Tox Smoothie Serum

  5. Dawn Elixir - Active Oil Blend (Day)

  6. Dusk Elixir - Active Oil Blend (Night)

  7. Green Supreme - CBD Vegi-Tox Rescue Mask

About Scientia:

Chosen for their efficacious and glow-giving abilities, Scientia brings you the very best blend of beauty innovation in both nature and science with globally sourced glow giving ingredients, each selected to enhance the formula. Forget about the natural vs synthetic debate… we go for good ingredients - the ones that do good and work hard. Whether that’s tranexamic acid whipped up in a lab, or an avocado fresh from the tree.

Joanne's First impressions

Packaging is lovely, different coloured box for each scent. I like that all the products I sampled were in pumps, so I don't have to worry about scooping out product with long nails. There were 3 different scents included - peach, green detox and elixir

Scientia Beauty Products used by Joanne McFaul - visit shop.

Joanne's Week One

First impressions of each product was good. The peach scented product - cleanser, eye serum etc, I wasn’t overly keen on the scent. It got a big sickly when using a few products together. My favourite scent and texture was the Dawn and Dusk Elixir oils. Had a really lovely spa-type scent and was especially nice using before bed. Skin is feeling very hydrated and dewey so far....

Joanne's Week Two...

I've noticed a difference in the plumpness around my eyes - I usually get some sleep lines which can take a while to fade throughout the day. The eye serum smoothed them out really quickly. The Green Supreme CBD serum was nice to use however it left my skin quite tacky for a while so had to wait to put on any make up. Skin is definitely feeling and looking healthier and not dry.

Joanne's Week Three...

I managed to get a bit of sunburn with the nice weather but using the Green Supreme mask really felt like I was undoing some of the damage and took the sting and redness out of my skin. It also meant I had no peeling so no discolouration. The milky oil cleanser is great at taking off eye make-up, especially long wearing mascara. I do find it can leave my skin a bit sticky afterwards. Almost like a residue left behind.

Joanne's Week Four...

After 4 weeks of sunshine, torrential rain and everything in between, I would usually be struggling with dry harassed looking skin. However my skin looks and feels baby soft. The eye serum has really helped smooth out the fine lines.

Joanne's final thoughts on her Scientia Skincare Routine...

I can definitely see and feel the benefits of using the products. After a year of being mostly indoors, my skin had become very dry and dull. It is now looking healthy and glowy. The Peach products I could probably take or leave. I wasn’t a big fan of the smell, so much so that it would put me off using it. The CBD products definitely felt like I was giving my skin a health boost and a dose of vitamins. My favourite was definitely the Elixir oils. Both smell divine - it felt like a luxury to put them on. I would put them up there with my Sunday Riley oils (but I prefer the smell of the Scientia oils),

Lots of love, Joanne x

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Meet Sam Scott

Co-owner Facility, Age 54

Sam's Skin Dilemmas

Dry areas under eye, wrinkles and Melasma

Product Brand Review

Sam has been using BIOEFFECT skincare products - shop the products here.

About BIOEFFECT: Founded by scientists, BIOEFFECT is committed to pure and effective skincare. Though an overnight bestseller upon its release, our bestseller, BIOEFFECT EGF Serum, is actually the product of over ten years of research and development.

Sam's First impressions

Love the packaging, clear instructions. Easy to open containers. I had some help figuring out the under eye patches.

BIOEFFECT Beauty Products used by Sam Scott - visit shop.

Sam's Week One

Normally I double cleanse and moisturise so using all the products took me a while to get used to, also which order to use them in. The Cleaner first then Serum and Moisturiser. I used the patches twice a week in morning first thing.

Sam's Week Two...

I absolutely love the micellar water and the cream. The eye serum is great but I'm not using it every day. The Serum I'm only occasionally using at night.

Sam's Week Three...

My skin definitely is glowing its feels amazing and the bumps, dry patches have definitely improved. I'm loving all the products except the EGF Serum it feels sticky and quite uncomfortable.

Sam's Week Four...

My skin is FAB! I'm glowing. My make up is sitting so much better (and I'm using no Foundation!!) I'm not sure how much difference the products have made on my lines/wrinkles but they've made a huge difference to my skin appearance and the colour under my eyes. My skin is glowing and plumper!!

Sam's final thoughts on her BIOEFFECT Skincare Routine...

I have to admit I've googled the BIOEFFECT range online & I'm gutted that this is so out of my price range, I'll never actually buy them. But I've really enjoyed testing them all & have loved them all other than the EGF Serum. Thanks so much for this.

Lots of love, Sam x

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