The Ultimate Mascara List

Updated: 6 days ago

Right, you asked for it so here it is, the ultimate mascara list.

In my opinion, these are the best mascaras out there right now. Just know that they have all been vigorously tried and tested by me over a long period of time. I don’t mess about when it comes to mascara which is why this has been so bloody hard to collate. Just as an FYI, none of these mascaras transfer, flake or smudge on me. And they are all contact lens friendly (I wear lenses every day).

So if you've got short lashes, thin lashes or long lashes, there's a mascara for you. If you want a dramatic mascara for going out out, I've got you covered.

I also just want to point out the obvious: mascaras work differently depending on your type of lash. Personally, I am lucky enough to have thick lashes. This makes volumising mascaras my fave which is why there are quite a few listed here. This also means that my lashes look good with the majority of mascaras but, at the same time, it makes it super obvious when a mascara is shit. This is also why I asked you lot for your faves; so we could see mascaras - some which are different to my picks, some which are the same - on different lash types.

In this ultimate mascaras list you'll find the answers to all your mascara questions:

For each mascara I'll also explain what it's best used for and if it's suitable for vegans. Ok, here goes! In no particular order (kinda)...

Best Mascaras out there right now...

Voted for by me Lisa Potter-Dixon

At Lash’d by Marc Jacobs

At Lash'd the mascara need to know details:

  • Volumising

  • Bristle wand

  • Vegan

  • Ease to remove 5/10

I love it because...

An absolute fave of mine and one I always go back to. It gives the perfect feathered, super volumised, thick eyelash and adds a ton of lift at the roots. The bristle wand gives you an even coat from root to tip. The colour is super black, it’s never transferred or flaked on me and the black and gold packaging is dreamy.

Good for: Pretty much any lash type as it makes them look thicker.

Not good for: Someone who wants a natural looking lash.

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Bad Gal Bang by Benefit

Bad Gal Bang the mascara need to know details:

  • Volumising

  • Plastic slim wand

  • Ease to remove 8/10

I love it because...

Damn this is good. Benefit do know how to make a great mascara. This is super jet black and adds a ton of volume. So much so that it looks like you’ve got liner on too, even when you haven’t. Great for making lashes look thicker. It is a very wet formula which some people may not like. I actually tend to keep the lid off over night when I get a fresh bottle, although don’t be up in my DM’s if you do that and it dries out too much! LOL! Although the formula is wet, it’s also very light, meaning it won’t drag down your lashes throughout the day. The slim wand gives an even coat from root to tip.

Good for: Anyone who wants to make an impact with their lashes

Not good for: Someone who wants a natural looking lash

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Climax Extreme by NARS

Climax Extreme the mascara need to know details:

  • Volumising

  • Thick bristle brush

  • Ease to remove 6/10

I love it because...

This was one of those ‘yesss baby’ moments! Anyone else have them?!? Ha! The original NARS Climax just wasn’t enough for me. It’s great for a fluttery lash, but I always want the drama. And that’s what the Climax Extreme does. Firstly, the wand is fab. It’s thick and bristly and works beautifully through the lashes. You can layer this mascara until your hearts content… or until you fly off! The pigment is great; super black. I will say that I’m not sure this is the best mascara for someone with sparse lashes as it may very well clump them up. But if you’re blessed with a good set of lashes, then its mega!

Good for: Anyone who wants volumised, feathered lashes

Not good for: Anyone with sparse lashes

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Kush mascara by MILK Makeup

Kush mascara the need to know details:

  • Volumising and lengthening

  • Thick bristle brush

  • Vegan

  • Ease to remove 5/10

I love it because...

Guys, if you want a volumising mascara, I’m not sure how you’re gonna pick-sorry! There are so many good ones, including this baby. It has heart shape fibres FFS! This is designed to give you extra fullness. It also just leaves you feeling a little extra loved from the product! It’s never flaked on me and the volume and length really lasts. I also LOVE that the packaging is heavier than your standard mascara. This is apparently so that it’s easier to find in the bottom of your makeup bag. Genius!!

Good for: Anyone who wants buildable, volume and longer looking lashes.

Not good for: Anyone who has straight lashes as it doesn’t add a huge amount of curl

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Lancome Lash idole

Lash Idole the mascara need to know details:

  • Lengthening and curling

  • Plastic curved wand

  • Ease to remove: 3/10

I love it because...

This is what I call a ‘no fuss’ mascara: you don’t have to worry about it clumping, thanks to the gel formula. It's synthetic bristles glide through the lashes, curling and separating them. For me, yes, it adds a touch of volume. But the thing I love about it is the length and the lift you can achieve. The curved wand also really helps when doing the bottom lashes.

Good for: Straight lashes, thin lashes, short lashes, anyone who wants a separated lengthened look

Not good for: Anyone who wants full-on drama. Click here to buy.

Victoria Beckham Future lash

Future Lash the mascara need to know details:

  • Natural feathery, lifted lashes

  • Micro bristle curved wand

  • Vegan

  • Ease to remove 1/10

I love it because...

This mascara is like having a great lash tint. It adds just the right amount of pigment to frame your eyes. The finish is very natural and feathery which I love for a no-makeup kinda day. It’s soooo easy to remove and it also includes a C2 complex which helps to condition the lashes. The wand is small and curved, meaning you rarely make a mess. This is my perfect Sunday mascara.

Good for: Anyone who wants a natural looking lash

Not good for: Anyone who wants drama

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Urban Decay Lash Freak

Lash Freak the mascara need to know details:

  • Full on length and volume

  • Plastic crazy wand

  • Ease to remove 7/10

I love it because...

Now this is probs the weirdest mascara wand you’ll ever see. It looks like it wouldn’t add length to a tape measure, let alone your lashes. (Just made that saying up, well proud of myself, no idea if it makes any sense)!!! So I was shocked to find that it’s actually bloody great! Now don’t get me wrong, it takes a little getting used to, BUT once you’ve got it, you’ll get jet-black, long, thick lashes of joy. Yes, the wand picks up a little too much mascara so it can be a tad messy, but it’s worth it.

Good for: Anyone who is patient when it comes to applying mascara.

Not good for: Anyone who wants a natural lash Click here to buy.

Rimmel Scandal eyes reloaded

Scandal eyes the mascara need to know details:

  • Buildable volume and length

  • Graduated bristle wand

  • Ease to remove 5/10

I love it because...

Rimmel do some great mascaras but this is my fave of theirs. I love it because it’s buildable, meaning that you can actually go as natural or as dramatic as you like. Just work quickly because it dries super-fast. I also love the graduated bristle wand as you can turn it vertically to get all the tiny inner and outer lashes.

Good for: Anyone who likes a natural lash one day and a full-on one the next

Not good for: Anyone who likes to take their time with their mascara

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Strength and length by BareMinerals